Random Samplings: Interbike Edition

I first heard about Footbalance earlier in the year when I Crashed the Running Event and had them provide me with a custom insole for my cycling shoes.  Before I got these, I had always ridden with what I felt was a custom insole….but what Footbalance provides is customization on steroids.

When I heard they would be at this year’s Interbike, I made a point of seeing them again so I could get insoles for my other pair of cycling shoes.

What Footbalance Says: “Our custom insoles improve feel and reduce ‘slosh’ without the need to undersize your cleats. You get the right stiffness to channel maximum power to the pedals. You can improve the performance of softer cycling shoes and make racing cleats more comfortable.”

The Plus’s: As with most things in sport…it all begins with your feet.  Keep them happy, and the rest of your body will benefit as well.  If you’re not currently riding with a custom insole in your cycling shoes be sure and get some right now.

The Minus’s: A good footbed should really massage your foot while you’re wearing it, right?  Haha, well that’s about the only thing these Footbalance insoles are missing.

Gravity Check

With so many exhibitors at Interbike, it’s tough to single out any of them in particular.  I had passed by the Gravity Check booth a few times during the three days of the expo, but it wasn’t until we were on our way out at the end of the last day that Gravity Check caught my attention.

This Tel Aviv company launched themselves at Interbike and reeled me and my Family in with their charm and personality.  Once that happened, I was able to take a better look and the marketing guy in me caught their logo and thought it was super cool.

What Gravity Check Says: “Together, we are working to create a world-class apparel brand inspired by the thrill and joy of cycling culture and fully integrate it into the cycle of everyday life.”

The Plus’s: Gravity Check’s clothing line comes from designers who ride bikes and know what we dig.  I feel they have successfully taken into consideration the style and functionality that cyclists (men and women) want in their casual clothing.  If their people are any indication of the vibe and culture of the company, Gravity Check has a great future ahead of them.

I also like how they integrated an ipod holder and earphone cord tabs into their t-shirts.  Yes, I’m totally cool with people riding with music as long as it’s done safely and in the right conditions…and it looks like the guys from Gravity Check agree.

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