Roks and Bloks

No, I didn’t forget the c’s in the title to today’s post…..this one is all about two secret weapons I always take with me on certain rides.  Yep, I’m talking Clif Bar Shot Roks and Shot Bloks today… we have a nice little giveaway for you as well (see bottom of post for details).

Long before I “got involved” with the great people from Clif Bar, I’ve really liked their products and how they’ve helped with my performance on the bike.  I first wrote about Clif Bar and Shot Roks back when I used to live in Canada and I cried out for help because that product wasn’t available there, and I wanted to get my hands on some.  You can check out my love for Shot Roks and the review right here.  It was actually that post that led to the relationship Loving the Bike now has with Clif Bar, and we’re very happy it all worked out this way.  But just so you know, I was loving these products long before becoming an ambassador for the company.

Okay, so Clif Bar makes a lot of great products but I wanted to mention two of them that are always with me on ride of around 50 miles or more.  I consider them my secret weapons and the combo has yet to let me down.  With all the choices and products out there, how come these are the two that grabbed my attention? I’d say it’s a combination of convenience, taste, performance, and superstition.

The Roks are fantastic because prior to riding I can take them out of the package and just pop one in my mouth whenever I need it.  I don’t have to worry about opening packages, melting, or holding onto a bar while riding.  Total convenience, great taste, and as I talk about in this review….performance.  Basically, Shot Roks are protein bits which are a very important part of proper nutrition while riding.

The Bloks are the perfect accompaniment by providing carbohydrates to my working muscles.  But just like the Roks, I can easily pop them in my mouth when needed and to me it’s so much simpler (and less messy) than dealing with gels.  Basically, Bloks and Gels are the same thing….but I like the bloks because they taste great, are easy to ingest while on the bike, and are customizable (you can take as many of them as you feel you need at the time).  I’ll pop anywhere from 1 to 3 of the Bloks at a time (Clif Bar recommends taking 3 to 6 per hour during exercise along with water).  Oh, and I crack the packaging open prior to the ride so I don’t have to mess with that while out on the road.  Yeah, I’m all about ergonomics.

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