Should You Get Prescription Sunglasses for Cycling?

Finally, I want to say gain, that the staff at ADS was extremely helpful! Based on my interactions with them through the ordering process, I am confident that you will be more than satisfied by their customer service as well as their product.  Great selection, great service, and a ground-breaking process to make the prescription lenses make ADS Sports Eyewear the source to turn to for prescription sunglasses for your active life!

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  • Edilberto Durano

    I’m excited by the concept. Hope it will sell well in the market.
    Ed of

    • Don Bartlett

      I’m right with you.I’m excited by the concept too and I hope it will sell well in the market.Glasses are so important. I just bought a Jaguar and it’s fast. At those speeds you can’t afford to be blinded by the sun. Glasses stop that and give you the edge. Jaguar has many nice used cars for sale but you are not on the edge without good glasses

      • stevekn0ws62

        Yep. No excuse not to have great glasses

  • Eric Hutchins

    HMMMMMMM, I may have to do this, getting old is the pits.

  • Aus Specs

    I am also regularly wearing lenses so i use to wear the Prescription Sunglasses when i have to go out in bike or car. i really work on the glasses which you are preferring in this blog.

  • Sarah

    Awesome! Will check these out as I’d like a pair also!