The Sufferfest: The Wretched Review

10/10, full on, no holds barred

The other noticeable driving force behind The Wretched is the use of such recent Tour de France race footage. Taking officially licensed footage from the 2012 Tour de France makes this video a delight to watch whilst your legs feels like they are about to fall off. As with the on-screen stars of most of THESUFFERFEST videos, over the 35 minutes of pain I grew to hate Cadel Evans who backs you into the pain cave and then sets the wolves on you. Any stage that finishes with a 3 man battle between Tommy Voekler, Michele Scarponi and Jens Voigt has got to have been a tough one and this training video definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Having been an avid ‘Fest lunatic for some time now I’ve done my fair share of roller riding in front of the TV and would definitely say this is up there with the toughest of the videos that have emerged from the depths of THESUFFERFEST pain cave. There is a great range of videos in the series now with editions covering all aspects of racing and something to suit everyone. There will always be the classics, the favourite videos but if you are about to buy your first training video and get on the road to glory make THE WRETCHED your first buy and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be flogged, abused and left crying in a pile in the corner, but you won’t be left wanting.

Purchase The Wretched or any The Sufferfest video right here.

Another double LovingTheBike thumbs up to THESUFFERFEST team!



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  • Ben

    Looks like I’ll have to pick this one up as well. I have A Very Dark Place and have been wanting to get another one for this year’s indoor season. Thank you for the review and reminder.

    • Stevie Dexter

      Ben ‘The Wretched’ is a great video and should be in your collection (but then I think all of them should). It’s always a treat when a new ‘Fest video finishes downloading… and then it’s ALLLLLL PAIN!

  • ragtag

    Been lucky so far this year. Off days have been bad weather days.. but this week is just getting worse. Had to crack out the turbo and put on The Sufferfest, Angels in this case. Great videos and well worth the investment.

    • Stevie Dexter

      ‘Angels’ is a classic and a particular favourite of mine.