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I know so many people who have always wanted to design their own t-shirt, and I’m here today to offer you that chance if you are one of these people.  The good folks over at Fibers are offering one of our Loving the Bike readers the opportunity to create your own, or choose from one of their pre-designed cycling shirts.

A few weeks ago they approached me and asked if I’d like to try it out.  Like you, I’m one of those people who have always thought it cool to create a T-shirt so I told them I’d love to give it a try.  However, I’m currently trying to spend less time on the computer instead of more, so I didn’t put as much effort into my creation as I would have liked.  But I was able to see how the Fibers process works and if it’s something I would recommend to our readers.

Of course we already have our Loving the Bike t-shirts and kits over at Groucho Sports (with a new kit design coming out soon), and I’d love for you all to have one of your own.  But for anyone looking to create a single or small number of unique shirts…..this is a great way to go.

I found the design process quite simple and there are a lot of featured cycling images that you can use in your creation.  You can also upload your own graphics as well as text and more tools that will help build your shirt.  Once you’ve got it designed, you can choose from over 50 different shirts, in sizes from infant to 5XL.

Have a look at the Fibers pre-designed Cycling T-shirts and have a better look at how the custom design process works, and then enter our contest to win one of your own.

Enter to Win:

In order to be in on the winning, leave us a comment below telling of some of the things you would include in your own custom designed cycling t-shirt, OR which pre-designed Cycling shirt you like best.  That’s it.  Get your comment in by Noon on Monday April 16th and we’ll announce the winner Monday afternoon.

The contest is now closed.  Congratulations to Tom Bilcze who wins a pre or custom designed Fibers shirt.  Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Fibers for their involvement in this contest.

Enjoy Your Ride

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  • Custom T shirts online

    Wow!!! Awesome design. I like it.

  • Eric Hutchins

    I was too busy this weekend!
    I will get in the next Contest for sure

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      You might have missed this one, Eric…but tomorrow we drop the news on another great giveaway.  This time it’s with Viva la Bicicleta.

  • Jdkimple

    I’d have to go with our Cyclocross mantra – “Die First, Then Quit”

  • Nate S

    I’d put a QR code on the back linking to a biking infographic or a website informing drivers of how to treat cyclists on the road along with promoting cycling in my city.

  • ShaneB

    Image of a solo cyclist from behind. Long road in front of him. With this text:

    It’s Your road…
    And Yours alone…
    Others may ride WITH you…
    But nobody can ride it FOR you.

  • Jensimmons2011

    In my custom designed cycling shirt I would have it with a triathlon logo but the bike image more defined and enlarged and say something like “I TRI it all, but biking is my favorite” or something like that.

  • Jensimmons2011

    In my custom designed cycling shirt I would have it with a triathlon logo but the bike image more defined and enlarged and say something like “I TRI it all, but biking is my favorite” or something like that.

  • Pauline Mayo


  • Kevin

    Cool idea: of course, now, I’ll be juggling bike slogans around in my head all day.  But, to start, I might go with: “Born Again Bicyclist.”

  • Koifla

    Don’t hit me! Thanks

  • Bob A

    I like the “Eat, Sleep, Cycling” design, but would replace “Cycling” with “Ride”
    Also love the inifinite MPG

  • Liz Vázquez

    I love “Burn Fat Not Oil”!

  • Bob A

    Faster, Stronger, Longer
    Getting There on Two Wheels.

  • James

    I like the Burn Calories Not Gas t-shirt design because I care about the environment. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Zorch

    I like the idea of t-shirt as an artist’s canvas. I’d like to create a shirt with one of my bike related designs, perhaps something like this:

  • Jonesytheteacher

    On the back of the shirt
    “Are you loving your traffic congestion?”
    “I’m loving the bike”

    • Mark Beaconsfield

      I like that idea. Especially when worn during a commute in heavy traffic. Or you could have the classic “You are not stuck in traffic, You ARE traffic”

  • RaveDaveontheRiver

    Love that Bike Gear Tshirt. . . in black, of course . . 

  • Malachi Doane
  • Koifla

    On Top of the Wheel

  • Mark Beaconsfield

    I have never really thought about designing a shirt. I might include something along the lines of “What gas price rise?” or something with a strong Ride Safe message.

  • Keith

    Hard to say right off the top of my head, but it would have to be “Cycle Commuter” related. Awareness through humor has a great medium in the t-shirt…think “Life is Good”!

  • bdewberry

    If I designed my own, it would be ‘ – Battling the Bulge on Two Wheels.

    That said, I also like their pre-designed ‘Burn Fat Not Oil’ design.

  • Tom Bilcze

    Hmmm. Maybe ” 2 wheels + 2 pedals + 2 legs = 2 much fun”

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Congratulations, Tom….you win the Fibers T-shirt.  Please send an e-mail to and we’ll get your prize to you.

  • Kevin Pauley

    If I made may own T-shirt to ride around in, I’d say “Gas $0, Emissions O ppm, Fun 100%. Loving the bike!”


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