Belize That

I’ve left Canada and spent last night back in the beautiful State of Texas.  We spent two years living in Austin, but last night was my first time ever in Houston. This morning I am off to Belize….Central America’s only country where English is the official language. I’m not going on a vacation….I’m not going there on business….I am going there to find out if it’s where my family and I will be soon calling home.

Sunset over Placencia, Belize - c/o Bill Swindaman

As I wrote about in my “Take Me To The Promise Land” blog, I am currently in the process of relocating my family. Sure a lot of people talk about it….complain about the things they don’t like in their home town….talk about how they wish they live here or there. But I am doing all that I can to make sure this actually happens. To make sure this dream becomes a reality.

It’s always exciting to travel off to a paradise type location and get away for a few days.  But this morning… mind, however, is on other things. Most of all, it is on my Family. My wife and kids are the single most important thing in my world, and I love spending as much time with them as I possibly can. Because I am traveling to Belize without them, my biggest challenge is to focus on why I’m going and to do all that I can not to miss them every second I’m away. I am doing this for my family, and there in lies the other thoughts circling my head. Will this be a good place for us to live? Will they be happy there? Will it bring us all the things we desire? I’m hoping to have these questions answered with a great big smack in the face very soon.

Now, if you don’t know too much about Belize…what I can tell you is that cycling is pretty much the number two National sport. A very close second to Soccer. Their biggest cycling event of the year takes place on Easter weekend. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to schedule my trip to coincide with this, but I have made arrangements to meet with the Belize Cycling Association. I’m going to meet with them because they seem like such great people from the conversations I’ve had with them online, and because I’d like to get more involved with them should we move there.  My research and conversations so far have confirmed that Belize is indeed going to make a beautiful home for me and my bike.

I’ve also talked to Nancy from Family on Bikes, and she’s given the place a thumbs up…so that’s a good sign.  I believe her husband even posted that one area of Belize was the most beautiful spot he has seen during their 20,000 mile biking adventure.

Okay, so going in I feel quite confident that Belize is going to satisfy my biking needs and wants. This trip will hold the answers to whether it is the place to satisfy my family’s needs and wants as well. It’s going to be an intense and busy trip, but I’m looking forward to the information I’m about to discover.  (I’m going to try and send out some messages from Belize while I’m gone….it will depend on the internet connection I receive.)  Here I go….I’ll soon let you know what I find out. Belize That.

  • eightplustwo

    You best Belize the hype! My good friend Bill Elliston has raced many times in Belize (the cross country RR and the stage race) and even won the RR in ’05 (we call that the Easter Massacre). He’s actually finalizing plans to head down this Easter too.

    Enjoy the trip!

  • Ian…

    Have a good trip Darryl!

    I guess that you will have a lot to consider out there, regarding making a future for your family. Not an easy task i’m sure. We had a ponder over New Zealand 8 years ago but in the end could find that x-factor – what it did in our case was make us appreciate home even more.

    Having read your thoughts on here previously, I know you aren’t going into this lightly, so will of course wish you all the very best of luck & hope you find what you’re looking for.

    Keep a level head, and most of all pack yer’ sunglasses and enjoy the sunshine ;>D

  • Bryan

    Enjoy your trip and I hope you find what you’re looking for.