Make it Happen Monday: Arcanum pāx

There is a little known island about half way between the Caribbean islands and the coast of Africa.  Its name is Arcanum pāx, meaning “the secret peace”.  On this island, the only means of transportation is by bicycle.  The only relationships they know are love and peace.  And the only thoughts that flow are ones of positivity.

The islanders start off each morning with a time for gratitude.  Whether they do it in groups or in solitude, each and every one of them envisions, writes down, or speaks about all they are grateful for.

Their bodies are full of proper nutrition which fuels their thoughts and energizes their being.  This is combined with daily exercise and creates agreement in the body, mind, and soul.  They spend hours alone on their bicycles, in meditation and silence.  They receive healing and rejuvenation from sea baths in the ocean.

They appreciate one another and are never jealous or envious of anyone or anything.  In fact, they make a habit of telling one another what they appreciate most about each other.  There is peace and harmony that exists between the residents.

There is no need for tourism, industry, or commercialization because they have manifested everything they’ve ever needed, and continue to attract what they need each and every day.  This isn’t a utopian society, just one place on Earth where they followed a different path.  They took a chance….and to me, they succeeded incredibly.  These Islanders have all they need and more.

If you are interested, I invite you to enquire more into this fascinating island….but you won’t find them on a website or travel book.  It is a lost forgotten place and they want to keep it that way.  Perfect.  I hope y’all find your “Arcanum pāx” this week.

  • Amanda Gale Kotyk

    When are we moving there?  

    I still LOVE this post…..thanks for sharing it again! 

  • Trimon29


  • PedalmanTO

    You know that I have to go there now right? Sounds like the spot to have a meet-up and retreat.

  • DareToBecome

    I’m ready to pack my bags right now.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s go….I just re-read the post and feel like going more now than ever.


  • Brady

    The secret peace…I love this Darryl. Thanks for another fantastic Make it Happen Monday post!