Shannon and I Reminisce Cycling in SKB

Loving the Bike: Tell me about the competitions you took part in while in St. Kitts?

Shannon: There was a race (triathlon or local biking race) almost every weekend.  These were a lot of fun, great people and beautiful courses.  Nevis, especially put on a large number of cycling races that were open to people of all levels.  I would highly recommend participating in these to anyone.

In addition I  participated in longer races on other islands. For example,  a 75 mile road race both on Anguilla and on Tortola.  Anguilla was amazing  but I was disapointed as they changed the prize money for men versus women and were very macho on there thoughts despite my placing.  Tortola, also an amazing place. However,  I was hit by a car during my race there so  my experience became  less then desirable.

Loving the Bike: Don’t I remember you also getting hit by a goat once?

Shannon: Hahahaha.  Yes I did get hit by a goat during a triathlon on Nevis.   In the rain, coming  down a hill around a corner there was a whole herd of free range goats in the road,  try as I might my reaction time was not good enough.  I flipped over my handle bars.  The goat was fine and ran off.  I had cracked my helmet and my brakes were rubbing but i did get up and finish the race and still managed second place.

Loving the Bike: What tips or advice would you give to someone who’s planning to go cycling in St. Kitts?

Shannon: Make sure you ride both the island loop and the peninsula, they are both so beautiful!  Be careful with the free range animals in the road.

Loving the Bike: What are you currently doing with cycling?

Shannon: I am training for duathlon world chanmpionship in Spain and I have been recruited by an all women’s cycling team in TN.  Using the nutritional cleanse system has allowed me to heal from my injuries and come back even stronger then before.

Shannon has a lot of expertise on cycling, St. Kitts, and Living a Healthy Lifestyle…if you’d like to contact her with any questions she can be reached at or at her website,

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