The 13th

It’s my Anniversary today.  Yep, seven great years with “the cyclist’s wife” and still going strong.  It all started with our first date on Friday the 13th of July, 2001 and we continued with the theme of the 13th by tying the knot on Sand Bank Beach in St. Kitts on Saturday December 13, 2003.

I’ve really been reminiscing on our time in St. Kitts and today is just one more reason to think about all the great memories had on that island.  It really has been a life full of the good stuff and I’m thankful for all that you’ve helped me achieve and all the places you’ve come along with me.  As I sit here at the computer, my heart and soul is warmed by the thoughts of our wedding on the beach, the flower petals on the sand, the Atlantic ocean views, and of course….the most fantastic wife in the world.

Today’s post might not seem like a cycling type blog, but it’s got everything to do with me becoming the cyclist I am today.  You are my biggest fan, and you make me feel like I’m a pro cyclist on each and every ride.  There’s no itching going on over here, baby…and I look forward to the next 7 years times 10.

For the rest of y’all, thanks for checking out today’s indulgent post, and a Happy 13th to you as well.

Seven Years With the Cyclist’s Wife

Seven years already and how full it has been

The things we’ve done and the places we’ve seen

Although I complain and get mad far too often

I’m living the life that I only used to imagine

You might not believe me or maybe only a little bit

But there were many days I spent dreaming of a relationship just like this

I spend too much time focusing on little things and I rant

You always deliver completely on the things most important

You’ve brought me into the world of being a Dad

Something I never would have known, but I’m so incredibly glad

You told me how great it was and the un-conditional love

Now I know, and it’s something I could never have dreamed of

You’ve helped me become the best Dad I can be

And together we’ve created one incredible Family

This is only one of the things that makes me Love you so much

Also your Smile, your kindness, your values, your touch

Seven years ago today we were living a dream

Getting married on the beach and living on the Atlantic bream

Although that location was my Heaven on Earth

I know there are other things that have much more worth

We may get there again…together we can do it all

With focus and teamwork, together we cannot fall

A lifetime of memories already in all we have done

Makes me excited for the future and the great things to come

I Love You Amanda and enjoy every day

I’ll try to do better with my actions and things that I say

Every day I’ll get closer to the Husband I want to be

Learning and growing….one day we’ll see

I would have loved to buy you gifts and pile them up in a heap

But you know that I happen to be just a little cheap

However, I know you’ll appreciate this much more than something trite

You are a beautiful person…I’m so happy you’re my Wife

  • Chris

    Thanks for sharing todays sentiment. I’ve been married 7 years in September. As a part of my b-day plans on Oct 13, 2001 my bride-to-be and I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane from 3 miles above the earth (with an experienced professional strapped to each of our backs). As it turns out that was only the beginning of our adventures together. Oh and the year I was born, the 13th fell on a Friday. 13 seems to bring some of us luck or good fortune at least. Godspeed

  • Kathy

    Darryl and Amanda,

    Happy Anniversary!
    Knowing you both, your post is so genuine and heartfelt that I have no doubt that your feelings will grow even stronger as you continue your journey together for your ‘Heaven’ on earth… enjoy each path that leads you there.
    We are the lucky ones! (Love the picture even though I’ve seen it before!)

  • Kelli

    Congrats Darryl! What a beautiful wife and good-looking couple. Take care of each other!

  • Loving the Bike

    Thanks to all of you for celebrating with me and letting me share my indulgent post with you today. It’s nice to have this kind of medium to open up this special day of ours to everyone.

    Happy 13th.


  • Cassi

    What a beautiful picture … and a very big congratulations!! :)

  • Heather Nielson

    Every woman….who rides a bike…should be so lucky so have what you have. Congratulations!!!

  • Cycling For Beginners

    Happy anniversary and best wishes!


  • Pamela

    Happy Anniversary! Now you’ve gone and made me teary. And what a gorgeous picture!

  • AmieReilly

    What a beautiful couple! Happy Anniversary! Cheers, Sara

  • Pedalman

    Happy Anniversary my friend. Beautiful post brother.

  • Tony

    Great post, Happy Anniversary and many blessing your way!!

  • Bryan

    Happy Anniversary and congragulations.

  • Clive Chapman

    Happy Anniversary! :-)

  • Kendall

    Happy Anniversary, Darryl!

  • Tim

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!