2012 Cycling Blog Top Dogs

The votes are in, and it’s now time to crown the 2012 top dogs of the cycling blogs.  Although cycling blogs from all over the World were able to be voted on for each of the 6 categories, our Crank Honors results are primarily based on the audience that we bring in.  Now, our Loving the Bike traffic is at an all-time high and we had more votes come in this year than in the first two years combined….but the results are still representative of our following.  So the results might not be representative of the entire cycling population, but they are a fantastic indication of what our followers dig the most.

The most important thing as far as I’m concerned is that we celebrate all the great work done by my fellow cycling bloggers, and highlight some of those that have stood out to all of you.  We are part of a great online community of cyclists, and I personally know how much time and effort goes into putting out a blog…so to me, we’re all champions.

I hope you also discovered some new cycling blogs that you didn’t know about before, and will continue to support all of us.

Okay, here we go.  These are the blogs that received the most votes in each of the six categories.

Favorite Road Cycling Blog

Blog: Red Kite Prayer

Location: USA

Crank History: Red Kite Prayer had previously been in the running, but for the past two years it has been Cycling Tipswho’s come out on top.  They have knocked off a Big Dog to win this category.  Congratulations to Padraig and his crew.

About: “The work you see on Red Kite Prayer had its beginnings on another blog, Belgium Knee WarmersBKW was created to comment on the passions of a few devoted cyclists. From arcane details of race preparation to the best way to wash a bike, the contributors to BKW wrote about their knowledge and experiences.”

Favorite Lifestyle Cycling Blog

Blog: London Cyclist Blog

Location: England

Crank History: This is the first year Andreas and London Cyclist Blog has made the podium in this category…..and they did so with a vengeance.  London Cyclist Blog received more votes than any other blog in any of the six categories.  Congratulations.

About: Andreas has two passions – cycling and blogging.  He says if you these two things got together and had a baby, it would be a website.  Hence, London Cyclist.

Favorite Mountain Bike Blog

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