2012 Cycling Blog Top Dogs

Blog: Mountain Biking Girl

Location: Canada

Crank History: This is another first time winner, and congratulations to Mountain Biking Girl for coming out on top amongst a group of male mountain bike blogs.

About: Mountain Biking Girl, Teresa, blogs about her adventures on her bike, both local and not so local.  She seeks out new trails whenever she can and shares her experiences.  She also gives the odd review on gear along the way.

Favorite Travel Cycling Blog

Blog: The Path Less Pedaled

Location: Originally from the US

Crank History: The Path Less Pedaled has been a Crank Honors contender in the past, but this is their first year emerging as the Top Dog in this category.  Congratulations to Russ and Laura.

About: “As our travels continue to evolve and change, our mission of democratizing bike travel has held fast. After three years, we know how enjoyable it is to travel by bike and we know that there’s no wrong way to do it – and we want the rest of the world to see what we see. Traveling by bike is fun, exciting, an opportunity to eat whatever you want – and a surprisingly easy way to bolster small economies. Join us as we show you all the many reasons why you want to hop on a bicycle.”

Favorite Women’s Cycling Blog

Blog: Bike Shop Girl

Location: USA

Crank History: Bike Shop Girl, aka Arleigh Jenkins, is the only repeat winner in this year’s Crank Honors.  Congratulations for being the favorite blog in this category for two years in a row.

About: Arleigh has 12 years of bicycling industry experience, and is a Pro bike mechanic, fit guru, and lover of everyone that rides a bicycle.  Bike Shop Girl’s mission is “Helping women find their way in cycling”.

Favorite Commuter Cycling Blog

Blog: Chasing Mailboxes

Location: USA

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