2013 Grenada Tri de Spice Triathlon


2013 Grenada Tri de Spice Triathlon

Grenada was host of a most successful triathlon once again this past weekend.  Yes, it’s the Tri de Spice triathlon and it just happens to be put on and organized by my Mocha Spoke business partner, Marc DeCaul.

I’ve heard many times how this is the best run event on the island, and now after experiencing it first hand it’s easy to see that these comments are absolutely right.

Marc is easily one of the best triathletes in the Caribbean, and his passion for the sport is what drives him to put on this event year after year.  Together with him family and local volunteers, they put on a fantastic triathlon for all ages.

2013 Tri de Spice Triathlon Press Release  

Almost 250 athletes from six countries participated in the Digicel Tri de Spice 2013 held at Port Louis Marina on Easter Sunday, 31st March. There were seven different distances and 15 categories that athletes were able to compete in, based on age and ability. 248 trophies and medals as well as US$3,000 were up for grabs.

The first events of the day were the Olympic and Sprint distance triathlons. In the men’s Olympic race, Grenada’s Chris Regis led the race out of the swim; Piers Vallance from the UK had a solid bike to take the lead which he kept to earn his gold medal. Last year’s winner, Ancil Greene from Trinidad finished the swim in 4th place but had moved into the 3rd place by the end of the 1st transition. He continued to close the gap on Chris Regis throughout the bike and run but Chris was just too strong, narrowly beating Ancil by only 10 seconds. The women’s race was won by Piers’ wife Claire Vallance, also from the UK, in very impressive fashion leading the whole way. Inga Karasek and Helen Raithby, both from Grenada were 2nd and 3rd respectively. Chris Regis and Inga Karasek are the Olympic distance National champions.

The men’s sprint distance race was dominated by Nicholas Mitchell from Trinidad who led from the very start; Aleem Mohammed also from Trinidad was second and in third place, our new national Champion and the second youngest athlete in the sprint race at only 16, was Calum Noel of Grenada. The women’s race saw Trinidad on all three podium spots. Renee Chin lee led from the very beginning of the race, with Jacquline Jodhan and Chelsea Mohammed coming second and third respectively. Lucy Murchie is the women’s new national champion.

The Republic Bank Right start Interschool championships had another very successful year with 180 children racing. The senior school champions were PBC for the boys and Westmorland for the girls; the junior school champions were Alpha for the boys and Westmorland for the girls. Congratulations go to the individual winners of the Try-a-tri and junior events, Kean Hoschtialek, Gabrielle Hyson, Jaydon Hyson, Beyonce Embleton, D’Andre Stephen, Angelique Minors, Devonte Noel, Lily Stauble, Ricardo John, Joan Norton.

Special thanks go to all involved including the volunteers and the sponsors. Especially Digicel, our title sponsor, Insurance Consultants Ltd, Republic Bank, Coca Cola, True Blue Bay Resort, Savvy’s, Deco Industries, and GU for supplying gels to all the competitors. Visit http://tridespice.com if you would like more info or call 473-534-2646.

I invite you all to join us next year for the 2014 Grenada Triathlon.  Hope to see you here.


Here’s a few pictures from the event.  To see all the photos, click on this photo album put together by Arthur Daniels of True Blue Bay Resort.

2013 Grenada Tri de Spice Triathlon

2013 Grenada Tri de Spice Triathlon

2013 Grenda Tri de Spice Triathlon

2013 Grenda Tri de Spice Triathlon

Kid’s Tri de Spice Triathlon

One of the coolest things about this event is how many kids get involved.  It’s great to see them developing a love for fitness and sport.  More photos from the kid’s event can be found in this photo album.

2013 Grenada Tri de Spice Triathlon

2013 Grenada Tri de Spice Triathlon

2013 Grenada Tri de Spice Triathlon

Enjoy Your Ride

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2 Responses to “ 2013 Grenada Tri de Spice Triathlon ”

  1. Roger on April 5, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    Will it be held again next year at the same time? I’d like to put it on my list of tris for 2014.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike on April 6, 2013 at 8:52 am

      I’ll have to check with Marc, but I’d guess that it will be on Easter Sunday again. It would be great to have you come here for it. Keep in touch with us.

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