A Beginners Guide to Loving the Bike

There are several great articles out there letting beginners know how to get started in cycling, but we’re here to lay down ideas for how beginners can start loving it.  Think of it as a “how to” love cycling so much that you’ll never want to stop.

Today is officially “Bicycling” day over at bing.com as they continue with their #SummerofDoing promotion and this week’s theme of “Riding”.  With the help of bing, we plan on getting a whole mess off people on bikes and help them discover just how incredible it can be.  (Be sure to use the hashtag #bicycling as often as you can today in honor of bing’s designation of this day)

Our cycling lifestyle website is generally focused on people who are already Loving the Bike, and are as pedal crazy as I am.  But being strong advocates of cycling and promoters of how everything can be better when you live by bike, we’re focusing today’s post towards people new to the idea of cycling.  We’re going to lay out all the goodness and show how to start Loving the Bike in no time.

As part of my bio for this website, I mention reasons in which I personally am Loving the Bike:

  • I am loving the bike because it provides me with a means to keeping my body in good physical condition while enjoying every single minute of it.  
  • I love it because of the solitude and meditative state that is brings me to every time I’m on it.
  • I love the connection it gives our family when out on a ride together.
  • I love the camaraderie and brotherhood among riders.
  • I love the speed and knowing that I am moving myself solely by my own power.
  • I love the fact that there is no better means of environmentally friendly transportation than the bike.
  • I am simply loving the bike.

But enough about my own reasons….to really get things going, we asked some of our loyal followers to provide their suggestions on getting new cyclists addicted to our beloved sport.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Ride slowly enough to truly enjoy that you’re not enclosed by metal, glass, and plastic, not insulated from the smells and sounds and sights and all the other amazing sensations you experience on a bicycle. Be aware so you can turn around and explore those things you pass slowly enough to intrigue you.  Ride for the riding, not for the getting there.” - Tee King

“Find a road or path that isn’t very busy.  Go out just as the sun is going down.  Pedal your hardest for just a little bit, then coast…and just…listen.”  - @AarontheStrong

“Get a good quality bike.  Those cheap ones from the box stores will not provide you with a comfortable and stress free ride.  Pay a bit more and it will go far in helping you love cycling.” – Albert Schmidt

“See the countryside properly at a slower pace, enjoy the company of your family, and get fit without noticing.” – @nuuutymel

“Just start out slowly.  Don’t worry about the miles or time.  Ride with how you’re comfortable at first.” - Dan Beaman 

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