“A Very Dark Place” – The Sufferfest

The logo you see above should do one of two things to you when you see it. It will either fill you with intrigue and excitement about what you have been missing out on and are about to experience, in which case I envy you dear reader… or it will fill you with a deep feeling of dread and mental pain, in which case we stand brothers in arms (well… legs, but you know what I mean).

The horribly evil officials in the Sufferlandrian Office for Pain and Suffering have recently released a new manifesto and it is indeed ‘A Very Dark Place’. Gone are the days when The Sufferfest videos were released with a world-wide health warning, these things are down right evil now and if you go into them thinking they are going to be any different then you are going to get chewed up and spat out of the back of a Lemond turbo trainer. A recent census was sent out to all residents of Sufferlandria and some of the questions and answers can be found below from LovingTheBike.com’s very own Darryl & Stevie.

Sufferlandiran Minister for Pain - The latest Sufferfest video is called “A Very Dark Place”……do you feel its the deepest and darkest out of the 7 videos they have available?  How come?

Darryl – I’ve only personally seen two other Sufferfest videos (Revolver and Fight Club) and both of those really did a great job at introducing me to how life is in Sufferlandia.  I have to be honest about something, it’s November here in Austin and the weather is still far too beautiful for me to get on the trainer for an indoor ride.  But I did want to check out A Very Dark Place and provide my feedback in addition to what Stevie had to say.  So my answers will be based from an observer perspective on this one and not a true sufferer.  I do plan on riding through the video sometime in the months ahead though.  So to answer the question, this video does look to be the darkest one yet but the true test will come when I experience the suffering first hand.

Stevie – It’s definitely the darkest Sufferfest video I can remember… but that might be due to falling off the bike and blacking out each time I do them and losing a few more brain cells each time. It’s July 2009 right? Damn I love that Contador guy he’s so strong! But seriously, I’m astounded how these videos seem to warp time! Has the Sufferlandrian Minister for Clocks decided to use a different method of timing because those 4 minute sprints seemed considerably longer! The superb footage used in this video (and in the others to be honest) was the only thing that kept me going!

SMfP – Do you prefer the short bursts of maximum effort (4:00 intervals) found in AVDP, or would you rather have longer sprints with less intensity?

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