Accessorize – Mac Mondays #4

For this installment of Mac Mondays, I’m going to look at products you can add to your iPhone, iPod Touch and general audio devices that could help you better enjoy your ride. I currently don’t own any of the products listed below; but, I did find them interesting and will probably add all of them to my accessories arsenal.

When I reviewed Cyclemeter a couple of weeks ago, I liked how the information was displayed on my iPhone’s screen (check out the review here) but I was concerned about how to safely mount my phone to the handle bars (I used the Joby Gorrillamobile). After searching the internet I came across the BioLogic Bike Mount for iPhone by Dahon. The Bike Mount is a weatherproof, silicone lined shock resistant case that pivots 360 degrees to allow you to use your iPhone in portrait or landscape mode. There is an opening on the back of the case that allows the rider to take videos or pictures while riding. The Bike Mount (compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS) is currently listed on Amazon for $54. I am very interested in this product but will have to wait to purchase an iPhone 4 Mount (supposedly available later in 2010).

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The next product that I am definitely going to buy is called One Good Earbud. It is a “two-channel-mono” earbud that provides safety while out on a ride. Since both stereo channels of music are mixed into one earbud (providing a great audio experience), riders have one ear free to attend to potentially dangerous items in their immediate environment (as usual, vehicles). One Good Earbud is available for any audio device ($19.95 US + shipping) and the Mobile Pro for smartphones version has a built-in microphone ($27.95 US + shipping).

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