Assessing the Struggle

I feel like I know my body pretty well, and my diet and routine are disturbingly the same each and every day….so when my performance on the bike Struggling />changes, it makes me start to wonder what’s going on.</p><p>For the past couple weeks I’ve felt off, and I’m not biking up to what my usual standards generally are.  Not like it’s a drastic difference, but enough to  have me wondering.</p><p>When I first started feeling it, I thought I was coming down with something.  But it’s over two weeks later and my body still feels the same.  So what do you do when this happens?  Well, if you’re like me, you analyze and assess things hoping to find what’s causing it.</p><p>If you’re ever experiencing this yourself, here’s a list of what I went through in case you’d like to try it out.  Oh, and If any of you have other ideas, please share them with us as well.</p><p><h2>Assessing the Struggle</h2></p><p><strong>Diet</strong> – This is probably one of the biggest things to consider.  Proper fuel is necessary in order to achieve performance on the bike (or anything else).  Even a change in diet is enough to set you off until things adjust.</p><p><strong>Weather</strong> – Increased temperature can heat you up and make things feel harder when out on the bike.  Even worse is increased humidity…or a combination of both.  Sometime the temperature might be the same, but the added humidity makes things feel increasingly tough.</p><p><strong>Stress</strong> – Our bodies weren’t meant to be stressed, and if you’re like me….a bike ride is a perfect cure.  But if you are stressed, it can take a toll on your bike performance.</p><p><strong>Equipment</strong> - How many times have you been out riding, find yourself struggling and then look back to make sure your back brake isn’t rubbing on the rim?  Yeah, I’ve had rides like that where I felt something must be dragging me down….and then realize that it’s not an equipment issue.</p><p>But it could be.  Make sure your bike is tuned up and humming properly or it could be a cause of decreased performance.</p><p><strong>Metabolic Cycle</strong> – I’ve never really looked into this very far, but I’m a firm believer that each of our bodies goes through up and down cycles.  A slight decrease in performance could simply happen because you’re fluctuating on a low cycle.</p><p><strong>Burn Out</strong> – This is a big one.  Sometimes if you train and train and train, your body gets burnt out….and if it persists, you can even start seeing negative progression or illness.  There are many ways to avoid this, but <a href=adding recovery rides to your routine and taking structured time off the bike can help.  Avoid over-training and burn out…it will help keep you feeling good on the bike.

Sleep – Are you getting enough sleep?  Well if you’re a Parent like I am….you know what lack of sleep is all about.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a solid 8 hours of continuous sleep.  Your body may not need as much sleep as you think it does, but getting enough is still very important.

Wind – I already mentioned weather, but wanted to put wind in another category.  It has always been my nemesis, and it’s often been the culprit for some hard pushing out on the bike.  A strong wind can cut down your typical average speed by a couple miles per hour or more.

Okay, so after my self-analysis, I determined that my slight lack of performance was due to burn out and weather.

Overcoming the struggle /></p><p>I really can’t remember the last time I took a week off from riding.  Yes, one of the hardships of living on a tropical island.  I’ve felt for a few weeks now that my body needed some time off, but I’ve been pushing it because with <a href=Mocha Spoke opening soon I knew my days would start getting very full.  I figured I’d rather wait to take time off until I was insanely busy.

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