Awakening the Flat Tire Gods


Has anyone ever warned you about awakening the bicycle flat tire Gods?  Heed their advice, because I just found out that this is for real.

Yeah, you’ve more than likely had a situation where you’re talking about how long it’s been since you had a flat tire….and then been immediately warned not to bring up such a subject.  It’s been said that mentioning such words will awaken the flat tire Gods and curse you with a fury of flats on your bike.

I was first exposed to this whole thing when I wrote a post called “The Longest Lasting Tube Ever“.  In it I explained that I had gone for a very long time without getting a flat tire…and that’s when all the warnings came.  I’m a bit superstitious so I honestly was a little freaked out, and for several rides after I was constantly worried about getting another flat.

Lucky for me, they didn’t come… time went by and the whole flat tire God thing wasn’t given much attention.  Until Now.

A few weeks ago I rented one of our mountain bikes from the shop.  Two days later, the customer had a flat tire while riding on the main streets.  When this happened I told my Wife how surprised I was that he got a flat on a mountain bike tire while riding the same roads I do with my road bike….and that I’ve only had one flat in two months.

I had said too much.  I had definitely Awoken the Gods this time.

In the 5 days following me speaking these words, I experienced 7 flat tires between two of my bikes.  Yes, the Gods were angry.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was in flat tire hell and didn’t know how I was ever going to get out of it.

I told them I was sorry and that I’ve learned my lesson, but I’m a little scared to say if this actually worked or not. I don’t want to disturb them again.  So let’s leave it at this….my advice to you.

It appears that writing about your lack of flat tires may be okay, but please do not ever speak about it in private or public.  You’ve been warned.

Your turn….tell us about your experiences with the Flat Tire Gods and any words of advice you have for our readers.

Enjoy Your Ride

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