#bikeschool: Championing the Champions

Unfortunately due to the ridiculous nature in which our planet has decided to rotate through space and influence time and seasons, I missed last week’s #bikeschool session (9pm EST if you hadn’t got the hang of it yet). This was unfortunate for 2 reasons; the obvious being I didn’t get to have my hour or so of cycling banter while getting progressively more drunk but the more subtle one was that I missed The Boss, @LovingTheBike, throwing down the questions. And there were some real stonkers!

Darryl and I rarely get to go face to face (screen to screen really) during class anymore as #bikeschool has snowballed and the Professor role gets shared around with a guest Professor every so often. Thankfully there is lots of background stuff that goes on to bring you #bikeschool and LovingTheBike.com which allows us and the other two noggin-box geniuses, @egggman and @bikerly to get together online over the week. And so when I came to do my homework and read the questions and answers from the last class session (as every good student should do!) I was very happy to see the old dawg hasn’t lost his spark! We often get asked how we come up with so many questions which rarely duplicate previous class questions… and in all honesty I don’t really know. But what I will say is that when it comes to cycle bloggery and #bikeschool, Darryl is still the king.

So my favourite question from last week that got me pinging all over the web was…:

…and there were some great answers. So below is a run down of the causes, websites and groups that the class suggested were worthy advocates of our beautiful sport. Please check them out and give them all the support you can. They uphold, stimulate and progress the sport and past-time of cycling and we should all be thankful for their existence.


Bike Pittsburgh – @bikepgh

Mission Statement

“Bike Pittsburgh is a member-based organization that works to protect cyclist’s rights and promote the vision of making Pittsburgh a safer and more enjoyable place to live and to ride.

The work we do is at the heart of urban environmentalism – raising awareness about oil dependency, pollution, congestion, safe streets, good urban design, and public health. We are partnering with local stakeholders to improve our streets, bridges, and trails in order to make riding to work, shopping, and exercising by bicycle safe and fun for everyone in Pittsburgh.”

A great local group that are not just promoting cycling, but a way of life. An influential group that is powered by the people who run and support it.

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