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Many of you will have read the trials and tribulations of Elden Nelson, more commonly known as ‘Fat Cyclist‘, on his fantastic blog. The longstanding blog, cited by many as being the finest collection online, has charted the news, satire and heart-felt peaks and troughs of life for many years now. Fat Cyclist will be joining us at this week’s #bikeschool and there will be a special competition giveaway, but more of that later.

With the launch of his first book, “Comedian Mastermind: The Best of FatCyclist.com, 2005-2007″ Fat Cyclist has completed the first stage of his Big Idea and well on his way to creating a lasting legacy to honour the memory of his late wife, Susan, and to provide help and advice to many people around the world in attempt to improve their quality of life in the face of cancer. His own plans are of course best described by Fatty himself, so please take some time read why he does what he does here.

Comedian Mastermind

Subtitled as ‘The Best of FatCyclist.com, 2005-2007′ the first published work from the Fat Cyclist gleans from six and a half years of writing and around 1500 stories. Take it from someone who writes just one or two articles a week, those numbers are very impressive and are a testament to the subject knowledge, personal dedication and following that the Fat Cyclist has created.

Comedian Mastermind is the best stuff I wrote in the early years of my blog (as well as quite a few of my best stories for Cyclingnews.com and BikeRadar.com)

The book is packed full of full news articles, rides and stories that have been taken from the early years of the blog, however the book is more than the blog bound in paper. There are new additions to each article in the form of footnotes and forwards so for even the most loyal reader who’s been there since the beginning, there should be something new. The book has also been through the same rigorous editing procedures as any other published work which means “for the first time ever — you’ll get to see what my stories are like when they’re not a rushed first draft” (his words not mine!)

Although the pre-ordering of the book ended in November and shipments are on their way for Christmas, there are still copies available, priced at a “I like Fatty” price of $19.95 all the way up to a “I REALLY Love Fatty” price of $39.95 which will net you a signed copy with a personal message from the author himself. If you’ve read about his Big Idea you’ll realise why it is so important for people to buy the book and that an extra $10 to purchase a signed copy will, in the long run, make a MASSIVE difference to thousands of lives when the dream of ‘The Cancer Caretaker’s Companion’ comes to fruition. A truly great goal, powered by the life lessons learned.

The Giveaway

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