#bikeschool: Happenings

1 hour is just never enough is it? That’s what makes the #bikeschool hashtag so marvelous, it means we can catch up on everything that has been going on in the world of #bikeschool and the lives of the class. So here is another ‘Happenings’ post, a sort of two-wheeled omnibus of the #bikeschool goings-on.

Class Prefect

He might have been a bit quiet at the front of the #bikeschool classroom lately but @bikerly is given some much deserved respect as a founding member in the #bikeschool boardroom from @miklmck. Thankfully “You’re Fired!” doesn’t get said around our boardroom!

May the force be with you!

Another original noggin-box genuius supplied us with what has become my new favourite desktop background!

Flip Reverse

As the regular #bikeschool slot rolled around we were treated to 2 classroom treats. For the first time in #bikeschool history we had a bonefido Olympian, not just in the class but running the whole shabang! And it was the classmates chance to ask Lauren Cambell (@gunzycampbell) the questions. What a great opportunity!

@IanCyclingreds (a great young Irish amateur rider) may have a professional career in mind when he finds out how great the travelling is for a pro athlete!


Not content with being a rocket scientist, Danniella (@dmuheim) sizes up whether she has enough time to turn her hand to Olympic domination! What discipline will you be taking up Danniella?

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