#bikeschool: Live Class Roster

Evening all! Tonight we are going to try and do something a little different. To try and get a feel of where people are and what they are doing at this very moment during #bikeschool, I’m going to ask all class members (who are able to) to send in a picture from their phone or webcam. Snap a photo of yourself RIGHT NOW as part of the #LIVEbikeschool Class Roster and upload it to an image hosting site online. The photos will be hosted here at LovingTheBike.com for all to see. But there’s a catch…!

As all good students know, the best way to a Professors heart is through gifts… apple’s, bottles of wine, leather bike products… we love ‘em! So make sure you show what gift you’d be giving to tonight’s #bikeschool Professor, @StevieDexter in the photo and the best photo/gift will be announced at the end of the class and may (if I can scrape something together) win a prize.

Once you’ve uploaded them, make sure you Tweet them using the #LIVEbikeschool hashtag, that way I can collate them all during the session and get them online.

Be creative, be outlandish but above all… be generous!









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