#bikeschool: The LTB / Groucho Sports Collaborative

The Loving the Bike Kits are Here

PRE-ORDER your Jersey, Shorts, or Kit at: http://gear.grouchosports.com/category/collaborations.

Whether you use your bike once a week to take a trip to do the shopping or pedal through the snow, ice and wind every single day to work like a winter biking loony there are 3 vital components to any two-wheeled journey of joy.



Firstly there is you, the squidgy-human bit that does all the work. It’s a well known fact that 98.7% of squidgy-human bits over the age of 5 can ride a bike without training wheels, and the other 1.3% ride tricycles! Great, step 1 sorted.




The second step is the bike. We may not all be as hard as nails like Jens Voigt (or have as many awesome catchphrases!) but we can take a leaf out of his book when it comes to getting that ride done. Don’t worry about how little your carbon fiber bike weighs or that you have stolen a child’s bike after your Directeur Sportif left you behind after a crash, be happy you have a two-wheeled dream machine and make the best of a bad situation. I’ve ridden some real old bangers in my time and only a Titanic amount of rust is really and truly going to put it out of action if you’re determined to ride. Step 2, not a problem.



Finally, and personally I think the most important component in your journey of joy, is clothing. Whether you rock some denim ‘never-nude’ style cut-offs and a mustache in a way only Rapha models can pull off, or you talc up and climb into that TT skin suit, you know that clothing on the bike has to look good AND feel good. That is why we are sooooper excited to announce that from today, the Loving The Bike and Groucho Sports collaborative steps up and gives you a ruddy sexy slap across the mind grapes with the launch of the Collaborative Collection. ¬†These kits were designed by the ever talented Bob Avery, and beautifully manufactured by the Groucho team.


When worlds collide…

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