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Just so you know….yes, I did get the thumbs up from my wife to write this blog.  She’s the best.

Maybe it’s my love for the sport, or maybe it’s just the plain hard truth that cycling women can be so dang sexy.  Put a girl on a cruiser, road bike, or any type of bike and all of a sudden they are just that much hotter.  It’s true, right?  I know I’m not alone on this one.  All you guys have got to agree….and for you ladies, tell me that you don’t feel sexy when you’re on your bike.

I absolutely mean no disrespect on this at all and I hope I don’t come across as sexist or anything.  What I’m trying to get across is quite the contrary.  I’m simply pointing out the beauty of a girl and her bike.

It’s not only the lycra and tight fitting outfits, there’s just something about the free flowing look of a girl on her bike that is so beautiful to look at.  Whether it’s the style and strength of the competitive road cyclists, the beauty and grace of the cruisers and commuters, or simply a girl out enjoying a ride on her bike…..they all possess an aura of attraction that just can’t be beat.

One of my fellow cycling bloggers, Crankee , has captured female cycling beauty in a calendar that he’s put together with the Japanese girls he cycles with.  After getting to know him a little via the blogs, he sent me one in the mail and I just got it last week. Some of the shots may be a little risque, but it’s cool that he’s showcased some of Japan’s finest female cyclists.  (More details on the calendar can be found here).

So okay guys….am I right?  What are your thoughts on cycling girls?  How about you, Ladies?  Hey you Female Cycling Bloggers….it’s your turn to let us know how you feel about us “Cycling Guys”.

Enjoy Your Ride


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Sugar Alternatives for Energy and Hydration

Question: I am using the homebrew sugar formulations (sometimes added to green tea).  I am also trying to wean myself off 1/2 dose adrenalean “lip tonic delivery system” (biorhythm brand- caffeine, hoodia g, synephrine, yohimbe) capsule for energy.

My question is other than juice, can you suggest modifications in lieu of table sugar for energy and hydration.


Both raw/organic honey or agave can work great in the homebrew (substitute in the same quantities for the sugar, or to taste), but you do have to shake well in order to make sure they don’t settle out.  Have you tried either of these?  Also, make sure to use at least the minimum amount of salt recommended in the homebrew as the temps rise, you need the sodium replacement if you’re sweating.

Sports Drink Homebrew

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