Bodybuilding + Wakeboarding = Cyclist


Prior to my love and passion for cycling, I really only had two other sports growing up that provided a similar feeling.  Although cycling has always been a part of my life, there was about a 12 year chunk where my focus was wakeboard, waterski, and hit the gym.  For the past 8 years cycling has totally taken over, and at the moment, it really is my only athletic passion.

But something can be said for the training and competing I took part in by way of wakeboarding and bodybuilding, and I know that in a round about way, it has made me a better cyclist.


Now don’t get me wrong, although I did compete in the sport of bodybuilding, I would never have really considered myself a “muscle head”.  I’m a small guy, so even when I was packed with muscles I competed in the bantam weight division (134 lbs and under).  Believe it or not, in the photo on the right I weighed in at a whopping 125 pounds as a competition weight.  Okay, so how did prancing around a stage in a purple speedo help make me a better cyclist?

Discipline – Out of all the things I have ever done in my life, I would have to say that competing in bodybuilding brought more discipline than all else combined. This has transcended to my cycling and given me the the self-motivation to stay on track and continuously push myself to the max.

Nutrition – I’m not a nutritionist, but during my time in the bodybuilding world I do feel that I gained a whole whack of nutrition knowledge.  This has been absolutely huge for my cycling because I know my body so well now that I’m able to take in all the goodness it needs to propel me.

Shaved Legs – I haven’t yet shaved my legs for the betterment of my cycling….but I sure did have one hairless body when I competed in bodybuilding.  I know exactly what it’s like to shave the legs, so if the time comes when I feel I need to do it for cycling, I’m ready.

Strength – There’s a little something known as “muscle memory”….whether it’s actually true or not is up to science.  I do feel that if a body is strengthened, it will remember this when pushed again in the future. As a bodybuilder, I definitely wasn’t known for my huge legs….but I do know that all those squats back then have enabled my leg muscles to grow more easily through my cycling.  Due to cycling, my legs are equally as big or bigger than they were when I was frying them in the gym a couple times a week.

Clothing – After posing up on a stage in my speedo with hundreds of people watched me……..being seen in tight cycling outfits is no problem at all.


I still miss my wakeboarding days very much….and the time spent on my CWB wakeboard. I never had the chance then, but I’d like to thank CWB wakeboards for some great days on the water. Those summer loving memories of skiing all day and baking in the hot sun still bring a smile to my face. Even so, I’m very happy I hung up my board and replaced it with a bike.  I mean like, literally, hung up the board….and it now rests happily on our entrance wall reminding me of all the great things it has brought to my riding.

Competition – I competed once in bodybuilding, but a whole bunch of times in waterskiing.  When it comes to cycling, it’s given me the experience and confidence necessary to compete in sport.  Very valuable for cycling racing or any other competition I face.

Sun – Living a great deal of my life on the water and in the sun has given my body immunity from the rays.  I can be out all day and never worry about burning. When you’re out on a 4 hour ride, it sure is nice not to fear leaving the sunblock behind.  My tan might look a little funnier now with the jersey lines and all, but I’m totally okay with it.

Wind – As a wakeboarder and waterskier one of the biggest enemies is Wind.  I had my battles and cursed the wind many times in the past, so I was totally ready for round two when I seriously took up cycling.  I still have my battles and yell out my swears, but it’s been going on so long I am so used to it. My buddies who rode Ronix wakeboards used to tell me that they cut best on the rough water.

What other athletic passions did you have prior to cycling?  How have they helped you?  I’d love to hear it.

Enjoy Your Ride

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13 Responses to “ Bodybuilding + Wakeboarding = Cyclist ”

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  3. Anonymous on April 28, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    wakeboarding must be hard for a heavy bodybuilder

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  5. Lance Twellman on June 22, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    A brief comment to say hi to you and also to share my ideas on your site. Oh and also to CHEER ON BRAZIL FOR WORLD CUP 2010!! GO BRAZIL!!

  6. Lindsay on June 13, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    I just found my passion for cycling!! I am loving it. Fun to read about your prior sports.

  7. Richard Masoner on June 10, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    It’s always cool to see the background of other people like this.

    Be careful of the rays, man — I’ve lost two friends (both cyclists) to skin cancer.

  8. Clive Chapman on June 10, 2010 at 12:58 am

    Muscle memory is a fact mate. The strength and conditioning coaches at my rugby club all say so and all of the military PTIs I’ve ever come across too.

    I was in the military and played rugby to a decent level too, so in some ways we share the same background in as much as we’re used to training, used to competing, we know our bodies and we have a base line knowledge to help with our pedalling.

    The only difference is you weren’t stupid enough to let yourself go like I did. It’s a bloody long road back and I’m paying the price for my behavior. I don’t normally do regrets, life is too short. But if ever I had my time again I wouldn’t end up at the age of 45 weighing 22 stones 4Ib, that’s 312Ib to you good folk across the pond.

    It’s still a complete mystery to me how it happened and why I stopped doing physical stuff. I just wish I could identify a moment in time when the change happened. From rugby playing, pedalling fit bloke to lethargic lazy fat bloke. What an idiot…

  9. Myrna CG Mibus on June 9, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    I didn’t do much with athletics/sports growing up but got into competitive aerobatic flying as an adult and lifted weights regularly for a couple of years around the same time. Both taught me that regular practice was important and that you have to work through some discouragement/challenges to accomplish goals

    I’ve done some yoga in the past few years and quite a bit of belly dancing. Both have taught me to concentrate on my own abilities and body and not compare to the other people in class.

    I think all of the things I’ve learned are helping me with my cycling yet the most important for me to stay excited about cycling or any activity, athletic or not, is to have a supportive friends to keep me going. I found that having positive connections means more to me than the sport itself – and I have found the bicycling community to be so supportive. And with great connections like lovingthebike and my Twitter bicycling friends I’ll probably be doing this for years to come 🙂

    • Darryl on June 9, 2010 at 11:22 pm

      Great to hear it, Myrna. Yeah, the cycling community includes a whole bunch of great people so I know you’ll find support wherever you turn. I’m so happy that we’re able to be there to help you out however we can….and connecting with you on Twitter, Daily Mile, and other places makes it even better.

  10. Cassi on June 9, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    I would never equated the nutritional angle of bodybuilding with cycling – but it makes perfect sense. You have a very fascinating sports background … and I really love that you hung your wakeboard on your wall! 😀 I figure my bike will someday end up in the same place when I am old and feeble. LOL.

    • Darryl on June 9, 2010 at 8:37 pm

      Good idea….I’ll be sure to make room for the bike to go on my wall in our next house. Thanks for dropping by…my site needs a dose of your good karma whenever we can get it.

  11. caroline on June 9, 2010 at 11:35 am

    Wow!! I love finding new folk, that have read my blog 🙂

    Hey your’s is cool, and it’s so right.

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