Boo Bicycles Looking to Get the Word Out at NAHBS

The 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) is only two days away, and you can already feel the anticipation in the Austin air.  This year’s show will be a record breaker for number of exhibitors…and with Austin being such a bike friendly city, I’ll bet we break some attendance records as well.

I thought it would be cool to get a response from one of the exhibitors a couple days out from the show and see how their last minute preparations are going and what they expect from this weekends event, so I contacted Nick Frey.  Nick is the owner of Boo Bicycles, a handmade frame building company based out of Fort Collins, CO and specializing in high-performance bamboo-carbon bikes.

LTB: Are you guys all set for this year’s NAHBS?

Nick: Almost!  I’m building up a Boo road bike with Dura Ace and Enve Composites 1.45 carbon clincher wheels, it’s coming together very nicely.  It is a customer’s bike, a stock geometry Road model, and he’s very excited to have it on display at NAHBS.

We prefer using customers’ bikes for shows–they are not trailer queens, they are ridden and raced and proven.  One of the biggest obstacles we’ve had to confront is the notion that bamboo bikes are a novelty.  It may be true that most bamboo bikes on the market are targeted at the green market or for those who simply like the idea and want a relatively low-cost bike that stands out from the crowd.  However, I am a professional cyclist and Boo Bicycles produces professional level racing bicycles.

LTB: What is the number one thing you hope to achieve at the show?

Nick: We are looking for PRESS to get the word out.  From that press, we are looking to line up magazine test reviews, grow our exclusive dealer network, and sell some custom bikes direct.  But all that comes from the incredible publicity of being at the show and getting the word out through the web.

LTB: What is the coolest bike you’ll be brining to the show?

Nick: That’s a trick question: every one!  To be honest, if I had to choose, it would be Kirk Hartshorn’s Boo Singlespeed.  It is fitted with a belt drive from Gates, the new CenterTrack version, and features a custom Boo Barstem with carbon fiber and rattan inlays.  It’s one of the cleanest, sexiest bikes we have ever built.

LTB: Bamboo bikes are sort of becoming the rage right now. Do you think we’ll see more Bamboo bike manufactures being started?

Nick: Absolutely, it’s already happening.  The obstacles are serious:

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