Breaking Boundaries with Martyn Ashton

In a week that has seen the lives of some, and the dreams of many, strewn in tatters across the internet I thought it’d be nice to bring something wonderful to the screens of the loyal readers of

Martyn Ashton is apparently very well known in the MTB and trials scene and has been a pro for almost 20 years. The skill and finesse that the spot of trials needs can be seen in beautiful detail in the films below. It’s clear it’s not all about the bike… and has a considerable amount to do with the fleshy humanoid atop the steed.

It’s awesome seeing someone able to do these tricks on a £10,000 carbon road bike and also goes to show just how robust a modern road bike it. These videos have been making their way around via social media in the last week, but feast your eyes again on the pure, unadulterated skill of Mr Ashton… just please don’t try this at home!

  • Jim W. (NJ)

    It always make for a good time when a Loving the Bike arrives: no matter what drag-me-down stuff has happened.

  • John

    Is this for real? I can’t believe he can do that on a road bike.

  • Darryl is Loving the Bike

    I had seen Martyn’s Road Bike Party video before and was totally amazed by what he could do on a bike, but before this post I had never seen the Outtakes video. Now that I’ve gotten the chance to see the personality and character of Martyn along with what he can do on a bike, I’m even a bigger fan.

    He seems like a great guy and the kind of person we need out there promoting our sport of cycling.

    Great post, Stevie.

  • Joel Phillips

    I really want to try the Wall of Death & I’ve always fantasized about riding over a bridge arch. What I love most about this video is how vividly it captures the beauty of man and machine working as one…at the most primal level. I also like how he points out the dings. Be honest, how many of you cringed at that point in the video? I like the dings on my bike, they are there because I pushed myself and my bike protected me from serious injury. The ones that happen at the bike rack, well…like dings on the door of a car, it’s going to happen.

    Thanks Darryl, I’m inspired to do a couple of things on my ride home tonight…nothing too crazy or beyond my ability, but going to grab the attention of smokers on the deck of the watering hole I pass.

    Wa HOO!!!

  • Stevie Dexter

    And just when you thought road and trial riding couldn’t get any closer…. Sir Chris Hoy and Danny MacAskill GO AT IT!

  • Kris R. Check that out if you want to see how strong CF frames are nowadays. Stronger than their metal counterparts.

    • Stevie Dexter

      WOW! That’s amazing. Some seriously strong testing!