Crank Directory Launches Today

The Crank Directory is now up.

If you haven’t already guessed, Loving the Bike and Crank Listed are pretty much one in the same. When we launched Crank last month with the call to nominate cycling blogs for the Crank Honors, we put it out under  We did this because although it was Loving the Bike creating the Crank Directory (and having a little fun with the Crank Honors), we wanted to keep it separate from the blog.

As I’m sure most of you are, we’re huge fans of cycling blogs and we’re so excited about finding great new blogs and reading what the world’s bloggers have to say.  This interest led us to Crank and we are so excited to finally launch the Crank Directory.

This is now the home to what we hope will enable others to locate and become fans with blogs from around the world..  We’ve been able to compile a peloton sized list of blogs, but we know there is still a mess of them out there.  We will continuously build the directory and provide a complete source of listings for our cycling blog community.

Time for some fun – Creating the directory was the main focus, but a little healthy competition is fun as well, right?  We’ve taken all the nominations, and the top 5 nominees in each of the categories are now in for the voting round of Crank.  Poll Daddy only allows you to vote once, but you can vote once in each category.  Check out all the blogs and then You get to decide who will be honored as top dog.

Vote right now at

Here’s what I’ve learned from Crank so far:

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