Crank Directory Launches Today

  • Honesty – During the nominations phase, people sent in their nominations for what they felt was the best or their favorite cycling blog.  There was nothing in place to stop the same person from nominating a blog over and over….but the cool thing was that it only happened about 5 times.  Amazing.
  • Awakening – I had known about a whole lot of excellent cycling blogs prior to Crank, but though the nominations process I was exposed to so many more that I never had a clue about. Man, there are some excellent people out there doing incredible things, and I’m so happy to now be able to share in all of it.
  • Friends – I know a good person when I see one, and I also know which of my acquaintances that I’d like to become friends with.  From reading and getting to know some of these cycling bloggers through their sites and through social media, I now have a pile of people I call friend…..or would like to.
  • Following – If you’re a cycling blogger, I’m not sure if you realize how many fans you actually have.  I was happily shocked at the amount of love and support many of the cycling blogs received through the countless nominations that came in.
  • Praise – We as human beings have an innate desire to be liked and appreciated.  Holding awards or honors is a great way to give out this praise and congratulate those deserving of the accolades.  But I truly want every single blog that was nominated to know that even if you didn’t make it into the voting round of the Crank Honors, you’re a champion in your own right and should be applauded for all that you do. It’s not easy being a cycling blogger….Life, Work, Family, and our own Cycling has a way of filling up the day and keeping us from our writing and blogging.  It’s often a struggle to find time to put it all together.  But you keep on doing it each and every week.  And for that, we honor all of you.

Crank It Up

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  • hub ‘n ride

    Thanks Darryl for added us on your directory.

    and thank you for your site so i can check & see all diff blog about bicycle around the globe.

    It’s an honor for us.

    We’re really appreciate it.

    Keep riding & safety for cleaner earth.

  • Greg

    Thanks for putting together this directory! I think it’s a great idea to put together a comprehensive listing of all the cycling blogs… I like the idea of being able to view them all in one place. Still, there are many, many blogs that need to be added to the directory to make this list a reality!

    And thanks for the contest! I’m so excited to have made the top 5 in the mountain bike category.

  • Clive Chapman

    That’s some reading to do! Wait a minute, the sun is out here in the England, I’m going out on my bike ;-)

    • Darryl

      Hope it was a good ride. Yeah, there are so many great blogs. The Crank Directory let’s you try out some new ones and then add the ones you like to your RSS feed or weekly reading. I’m hoping you keep Loving the Bike on your “To Read” list. Cheers.

  • Amanda

    It’s great to see the Directory up! There sure are a lot of blogs to check out!!

    • Darryl

      It’s been a lot of work gathering and putting all this together, but so worth it. I hope it provides a way for more people to find and enjoy all the great cycling blogs.