Create a Bicycle Cafe Tagline and WIN

There’s no shortage of people out there to totally dig Coffee and Bikes…actually, who are addicted to them is more like it.  So it’s no surprise that the two often get mixed together.  Many bike shops have been offering coffee to their customers for years….but it’s only recently that the “bicycle cafe” idea has exploded.

Look Mum No Hands was one of the first bicycle cafes that started the whole buzz (pun intended) when they opened up their London cafe in 2012.  Since then they’ve been popping up all over the place…and I for one am totally stoked to see them emerging on the scene.

I think the idea is so cool that I’m actually jumping into the bicycle cafe business myself.  Yep, I’ve been keeping things mostly under wraps but I’ll soon be the co-owner of Mocha Spoke which will be located in Grenada, West Indies.

Our bicycle cafe will provide all the goodness of your favorite coffee shop and we’ll also be doing bike tours, rentals, repairs, and selling accessories.

We won’t be selling bikes (at least not right now) in and of themselves….but this place is going to rock, and you better be thinking of booking your flight to Grenada right now as you read this.

Create a Tagline and Win

Okay, so we need your help.  We’ve already got a great logo together for the bicycle cafe, and I’ll be sharing it with you all very soon.  But we need to come up with the greatest tagline of all time.  A tagline that describes what Mocha Spoke is in a short statement or group of words.

The selected tagline wins the following prize pack:

  • Road ID eCard ($35 value)
  • Hydrapak bottle or flask (your choice)
  • GU Electrolyte Brew Tablets & mix of traditional GU products

IMPORTANT: We want people to know that Mocha Spoke offers bike related products and services, but we also don’t want to scare off people who aren’t cyclists by thinking it’s only a place for bike people.  Know what I mean?

My Wife came across a great tagline for another bicycle cafe so we can’t use it, but just to get your creative juices flowing here’s the one she liked: “Ride it, Eat it, Love it”.

We’ve also have some great ideas come in through Facebook and Twitter, but the winning entry has yet to be submitted.

Give us your idea by submitting it in the comments section below.  Entries submitted by Monday, October 8th will be used in the selection process and a winner will be announced soon after.

*Loving the Bike and Mocha Spoke will be given full rights to use selected tagline.  Upon submission you are giving up any rights to the phrase.

We’ve got a winner….actually, winners.  Congratulations to @shinyredthings for supplying us with the winning tagline which was derived from a suggestion by Julie Starling.  Since they both had a part in the winning tagline, we’re going to split the prize and give them each something great:

Adventure is Brewing

  • Tyler

    Mocha Spoke – Find Your Cadence

  • radar50

    Eat, Drink, Love.

  • Heideho

    Biking Fuel

  • Roger B

    Get Buzzed

  • Nicki

    What about the line you used in this article. Bikes, Beans, Brew sounds good to me.

  • Jen

    For Coffee Lovers and Bike Addicts

  • Zach Jacob

    We’ve got your fix.
    Your Buzz & Bike Fix

  • J D

    A Cafe For Everyone

  • F Peters

    Coffee – Carbon – Community

  • Larry Myers

    Bike by, Walk by, Just come by and enjoy a cup of Joe, etc!

  • Randy

    Mocha Spoke – Put a “spin” in your day.

  • Antoine RJ Wright

    I’ve got a few in mind:
    - “handlebars required”
    - “Sipping life by the pedal”
    - “Drop your kickstand and engage the coffee gear”
    - “Your next adventure is brewing”
    - “Refreshments spun daily”

  • adrian

    Mocha Spoke Bicycle Cafe
    switch gears

  • Willie

    Great Coffee keeps you Well Spoke’n!!!

  • Randy Sanders

    Coasting (pic of bike)
    Roasting (coffee cup)
    and a whole lotta boasting :)

  • Randy Sanders

    In cog we trust, drink coffee we must

  • Charles Mandel

    A wheel-y great place for coffee. Or, how about: Great java: that’s the way we roll.