Cyclist Challenges Celebrities to Bike to Oscars

Can you imagine tuning into the Oscar Awards this weekend and seeing people like Brad Pitt, Michelle Williams, and George Clooney rolling up on a bicycle?  Well, that’s exactly what one bicycle commuter fanatic is challenging the hollywood stars to do.

I first saw this story posted over at Detroit Free Press, and it totally caught my attention.  This is once of the coolest ideas I’ve seen directed towards the world of celebrities and Hollywood….and I just had to repost the news.

This is the brainchild of bicycle commuter, Ted Johnson…, I wish I would have come up with this idea.  He is doing all he can to get nominees, presenters, and guests of Sunday’s Oscar awards to ditch the limos and show up on a bike.  With all the attention that celebrities crave, this is the perfect chance for them to grab the spotlight and do something that’s never been done before.

So far no actors have taken Ted up on his challenge and with only five days to go, I’m not sure anyone will.  Ted admits that “it’ll be more of a challenge for the women arriving in designer gowns and $100,000 baubles than for the men”, but through his website, he is pushing hard to get at least a few of the Oscars crew on bikes.

Here’s part of Johnson’s open letter to Oscar attendees:

“Some of you try to use your celebrity for good — especially if you get some good publicity doing it. I want to help you prepare for your most important commute of the year — whether you care about the planet, or if you just want to appear that you care. Quite a few of you like to be seen in your hybrid cars.

“But in terms of ‘making a statement,’ the hybrid thing kind of peaked in 2005. … I’d like to suggest something that would have real impact. Not just environmental impact, but the kind of impact that matters most to you: Chatter!  You want to out-care DiCaprio? I’m suggesting that you arrive at the Oscars by bike!”

I wish Ted the best of luck in this and I’m going to do what I can to help him out.  A few quick calls to my buddies Brad and George ought to do it.  Come on celebrities….Ride Your Bikes.

  • Kevin

    Maybe there’d be an upsurge in shorter gowns? Or maybe they could split their arrival between limo and bike – they could take a folding bike with them in the limo…it would totally fit.

  • Eric B

    I wish I had some contacts to help you out with this.  I’ll pass it around to friends and see who bites.

  • Jesse

    Brilliant idea.  I would love to see celebrities arriving by bike.  Can you imagine what that would do for our cycling industry?