Cyclists are Still Champions

We’re a cycling website, so we focused this post on riders, but if you’re a runner or doing anything else that moves your body….You’re a Champion as well.

One of the first posts we ever put up on Loving the Bike was titled “Why I Think Every Cyclist is a Champion“.  I still totally feel that way, but there’s another angle I’d like to spin on this topic.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty dang proud of myself when I come back from a challenging or longish type ride.  Heck, coming back from any ride is reason enough to celebrate, even if it’s simply time on your indoor trainer or rollers.  It feels so good when my Family asks how my ride was and I zing back with a smile and “It was totally awesome”.  Knowing inside that it was a fantastic ride is reward enough…but it sure feels good to share that feeling with the ones I love.

These days there are so many other ways to share your post ride excitement.  Of course there’s Twitter, Facebook, and those types of social media but going to a place like Daily Mile and posting up the stats of a ride is something that can feel equally as nice.  Putting up your mileage and watching your weekly total grow can give a strange but rewarding feeling of accomplishment.  There’s just something about putting those numbers up in the cyberworld, that can feel so good.

Daily Mile is a very supportive and encouraging environment and odds are that when you punch up your ride, you’re going to hear back from someone who says congratulations and keep up the great work.  If you’re a little more competitive and like posting your statistics and seeing how you did compared to others in your area…..try using Strava.  You’ll need a GPS for this one, but when you upload your information it will show you how you did compared to other local riders on things like hill climbs.

But I’ll say it once again….in the end, we’re all Champions.  Anyone who takes time out of their day to crank the pedals using nothing but their own human energy is doing good things for themselves and the world around them.  Celebrate your accomplishments.  You are a Champion.

Photo c/o mvjantzen

  • Johnny

    Yes we are.  Yes we are.

  • Susan P

    I know I feel like a champion when I get back from a hard ride.  Thank you for reminding me of that today.  I agree that things like Daily Mile are a nice way of keeping track of our success.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Yeah, it’s a good feeling isn’t it Susan?

  • James

    I mostly use Daily Mile and I agree that it feels good to see all those miles on there.  I haven’t tried Strava yet, but it sounds interesting.  Thanks for giving me this tip and I enjoyed your article.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Strava is neat for the fact that you can compare some stages of your ride with those who live around you and also compare to your past rides as well.  Thanks for checking out today’s post.

      • Shawn McAfee

        Stravaholic here… :)

        Saw the link to this post on Cycling 360.