Doing Positive Things for Kids, Using Bikes

As you’re likely already aware, this whole week we’ve been focusing on Two Wheels, Fast Feet.  To wrap up this series, I wanted to focus on some of the great organizations out there that are helping kids through cycling.  I know there are a whole lot of them around the world, so please forgive me for not mentioning them all..but I’m so happy to be highlighting these great people and organizations.

Rocket Kidz Foundation

Rocket Kidz has been around since 2006 and has been on a mission to battle childhood obesity through various sports…including cycling.  The organization is based out of the Baton Rouge, LA area and is currently focused on making things happen over there.  The Rocketkidz/Rocket Racing team consists of Patrick Fellows, Craig Sweeney, and Susan Hayden who volunteer their time and energy to help out the kids and their community.

Starting in the fall we will be organizing a kids marathon program in local schools, mentoring kids into running 26.2 miles in total with the final mile of their ‘marathon’ happening as part of The Louisiana Marathon in January 2012. The reason I suggested Wheels to Succeed is because they are the one program that focuses strictly on the bike.

- Susan Hayden


With the mission of building sustainable communities by educating youth and promoting bicycling, you know that these guys are out to do great things. This Seattle based organization began with the ideas and dreams of building a “Yellow Bike Share Program”, but by 1996 it had evolved into a safe-haven for over 2.400 youth.  By showing these kids how valuable they are and giving them a sense of belonging to a community, Bike Works provides a supportive and encouraging environment where self-worth is discovered.

Bike Works has a bunch of great things going on, but one of the coolest is their “Earn a Bike” program.  Students aged 9 to 17get to learn bicycle repair over eight class sessions, and then swap hours of community repair for their own recycled bike. It takes 18 hours of community service to pick out their own bike.

Aggie Blue Bikes

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