Drop the Phone – Save a Cyclist


I have a very simple idea that will not only help save cyclists from getting hit on their bikes, but will also save the lives of pedestrians, other drivers, and yourself.

I don’t hold a firm stand on too many things, but I am totally against people using cell phones while in a vehicle.  Let me put it this way….I would liken the use of a cell phone while driving to holding a loaded gun in your hand, with a good chance of it going off.  Yeah, that’s how unsafe I feel it is…and if something isn’t done about it soon, we’re going to lose a whole bunch more cyclists than we already have.

There are a lot of things drivers do that distract them from paying attention to the road, but the use of cell phones (talking, texting, checking e-mail, or anything else) is the greatest distraction of them all.  I’ve lost track of all the times I’ve seen a driver sway into the shoulder lane or do something even worse, just because they are on the phone and not paying attention.  What if a cyclist or pedestrian would have been right there on the shoulder?  Yeah, that loaded gun would have just been fired off.

I don’t need to push this issue because it’s a no brainer.  Cell phones and driving equals bad news.

Cyclists Leading By Example

Using cell phones while driving seems to be taken as a right these days and if there is going to be any chance of influencing people to drop their phone while on the road, I think it is up to us to lead by example.

So here it is….I’m challenging all our Loving the Bike readers and cyclists worldwide to be the change we wish to see in the world.  Take it upon yourself to never drive with a cell phone in your hand, or glance down at one (or GPS or anything else) while on the road.  Tell your friends that you’ve taken the pledge never to do this and that you encourage them to do the same….and to tell their friends about it.

Let’s all lead by example and start making the streets safer for everyone.  Drop the Phone – Save a Life.

I would like to thank my cycling friend and Chicago bicycle accident lawyer Jonathan Rosenfeld for his help with this cell phone initiative. If you get a chance, check out Jonathan’s site Chicago Bike Injury Lawyers (www.chicagobikeinjurylawyers.com) for more information on distracted driving and other topics related to bicycle safety.

Enjoy Your Ride

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