Feelin’ Dizzy


Love.  Never has a word been so misused.

It’s used to describe just about anything we like: I love tacos. I love bikes. I love shoes. I love Led Zeppelin.

Ah, but add the word “you” into that phrase and it becomes something entirely different. That changes everything, doesn’t it?

That little phrase makes you the most vulnerable you may ever be in your life.  It can bring you joy or rip your heart out. It can keep you stuck in the past or envisioning your future. And it can make you feel butterflies and terror – most times simultaneously.  Even the term we use –”falling” in love – implies a loss of control.  For when you fall, it’s often fast and unexpected.

But when it’s first spoken with the person of your dreams, you remember every small detail about that moment. It’s forever embedded in the scrapbook of your mind and you have total recall: where, when, what you were wearing….how you felt.

Is there another word that spans the spectrum from meaningless to monumental? Doubtful. These four letters can mean almost nothing, and yet everything to those who are brave enough to open their hearts and let someone in.

Because when it’s not reciprocated, we feel our world crumbling around us. Poets lament love, songwriters explore the depths of despair, and we go along for the ride, often on repeat play.  Feeling blue about love?  Listen to sad songs about someone else that’s lost the love of their life.  Google the words “sad love songs” and in a nanosecond, you’ll have about 182 million ways to commiserate.

These four letters certainly make up one of the biggest words we have.

Yep, love can most definitely make you dizzy.

  • Eric Hutchins

    This is SO good. Not sure what else to say. I LOVE it. Hah. I really do though, it is very very good.

  • gswbike

    I’ve read this several times and keep coming back, but I can’t explain why each time I have Patsy Cline’s singing voice running through the back of my mind while reading it. Another great article Suzanne.

  • AmandaGaleKotyk

    Once again, Suzanne, you blow me away! You have a gift….thank you for sharing with us. ❤️

    • suzanne deveney

      Thanks Amanda. It means a lot to me to read that.