Final Day for Pre-Orders

This is just a quick note to let y’all know that today is the final day to get your Loving the Bike Jersey/Kit pre-orders in.  Pre-order deadline is tonight at Midnight EST. I really love how these turned out and have Bob Avery and Groucho Sports to thank for creating such beautiful cycling clothing.

The jerseys and kits are available in mens and womens and can be mixed matched on sizes.  Order now and you’ll have yours by the first week of June.  Head on over to The Loving the Bike Page at Groucho Sports and put in your order.

Getting yourself a Loving the Bike Jersey, shorts, or Kit not only makes you one hot looking cyclist….it also makes you a part of the Loving the Bike Army. That’s right, be a part of a cycling movement that is centered around having bikes as a part of our everyday lifestyle. Doesn’t everything revolve around the bike? Loving the Bike believes that every cyclist is a champion whether you’re a beginning rider or a seasoned pro. We also believe in all types of cycling…..anyone on two wheels, is pretty darn cool to us. It’s been said that riding a bike makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. Just imagine what will happen when you put one of these on.

I’d really LOVE to see y’all in one of these……Consider getting one for yourself or give one to that special Dad in your life for Father’s Day.


  • Emily

    Any reason you went with mostly black for the jerseys?  I try to ride only in high-visibility colors on the road.  It really does make a difference in how soon cars see you; sometimes in whether they see you at all.  I just won’t wear black jerseys.  Nice design, other than that.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      The color choice was due to consistent branding with our other clothing for Loving the Bike.  We also went with it because it looks so good.  We realize it isn’t a color choice for high-visibility, and understand your reason for not wanting to purchase one.  Rapha, Livestrong, Mellow Johnny’s and a lot more jerseys are black and so far I haven’t heard of any problems with wearing them.  Keep on being safe out there.


  • Bob Avery

    That’s a hell of a design (if I do say so myself)!