Going Beyond Ride the Divide

If you’ve seen the Ride the Divide DVD or simply read the review we posted about it, and like what you saw….get ready for more incredible videos from these guys in the future.  Mike Dion and Hunter Weeks, producers of Ride The Divide are following up on the success of this video with two more releases that will take you down a slightly different path.

The Path

This video is considered the follow-up to Ride the Divide and is a story about Bike-Packing around the World.  The Path video is still under wraps, but from what I’ve read, it’s sure to be just as incredible as its predecessor.

Salsa Bicycles is the presenting sponsor of The Path and according to Jason Boucher of Salsa, their company mission is the perfect fit to what this video is all about:

“Bikes allow people to interact with and experience the world in ways not possible by other forms of transportation.  Bicycles enrich our lives and our experiences. We are excited to sponsor The Path and help a broader audience discover just that.” – Jason Boucher

The producers of this video are totally committed to positive change and I think that is super cool.  They are investing in the environment and promoting the joy of riding a bike along the way.  To take things further, a percentage of proceeds from The Path will go to 1% for the Planet and Adventure Cycling Association.

Expect to see The Path available for purchase and viewing next Spring/Summer, but to whet your appetite we have a couple of secret and never before seen stills from the shooting they did this past Summer.


Where the Yellowstone Goes

The other video coming out from the producers of Ride the Divide has nothing to do with cycling, but it’s sure to be a fantastic story to be enjoyed.  For this one they are looking for help and currently have a kickstarter campaign launched to bring in the necessary funds.  With 11 days to go, they are still about $15,000 away from their goal of $30,000.  As you will see in their kickstarter video, they are very passionate about this project…Check out their Kickstarter page and see if you can help them out.

Where the Yellowstone Goes follows a small crew on a soul-searching and inspirational journey along the longest free-flowing river in the contiguous United States: the Yellowstone River. They’ll rally together the supplies they need, including a hand-built drift boat and set course on a voyage of grand proportions and life defining events. Experience silhouetted moments of the crew fly fishing in the amber morning light, telling life stories by a fire and connecting with colorful folks along the way. Add to this the unending sounds and sights of a massive water flow, flanked on each side by huge, snow-capped mountains and plains full of elk and deer, bald eagles and the occasional grizzly bear. This is Montana, this is the Yellowstone River and this is one of the most spectacular and unique landscapes in the world.

Here is a quick teaser of what’s in store when they release Where the Yellowstone Goes:

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