Goodfluence Bicycle Tour – Week 1


Rob Greenfield Goodfluence Launch Photo

Our good friend, Rob Greenfield continues his ride across the United States in an effort to promote goodness.  He’s calling it the Goodfluence Tour, and with his infectious attitude of ultimate friendliness, he will be encouraging people to do more good for the earth, their community, and themselves.

Why is it called “Goodfluence”?  Well, that is also the name of the new social network he is launching on July 1.  This network will use the power of social media and the goodness of others to help influence us all to do more good.  We’ll tell you more about as it gets closer to launch time, and be sure to download it on July 1.

Rob’s been on the road since June 1, and has been riding through desert conditions for the past few days.  On Friday he rode 108 miles in 108 degree  heat….a new record for him.

Rob Greenfield Goodfluence

Not only is Rob a positive role model and preacher of goodness, he’s also a great writer who shoots out a lot of wisdom from his writing stick.  Here’s a little piece he wrote last week:

The permanence of our modern conveniences is an illusion. This paved road leading me through the desert is a mere decades old yet the ancient terrain surrounding it is older than the human mind can comprehend. The thought that society will go on as we have the last century is delusional.
Imagine what life was like for the Native Americans that roamed this land before we changed their world against their will. In the grand scheme of all time the human race, and especially any one society, is as impermanent as a plague of locusts. Only in our minds are we the center of the universe. Only in our fickle imaginations does the earth revolve around us.
Yes, the human race is quite an important race but most of the importance lies in our minds. In truth we are no more magnificent than the rabbit on the roadside or the fox in the woods. All beings are equally important in the mind of the earth. The truth of billions of other species can be found by immersing yourself in raw nature.
I urge you to return to the wild.
– Rob Greenfield

Bike2Power Powers Rob

Weatherproof-Bike-Console-Universal-4.8-280x280If you didn’t already know, Rob Greenfield is very minimalistic and has done loads of projects showing people how to live more sustainable.  The only electronics Rob has on his bike tour is an iPhone so that he can post updates to his fans along the way.  His only method of powering his phone is through pedal power and his Bike2Power products.

Rob isn’t concerned with having the latest and greatest when it comes to his phone, so he has an iPhone4.  But, Bike2Power is able to accommodate users of a variety of different makes and models.  They are also both element and drop proof….and definitely made for any amount of riding you throw at it.  Here’s a link to the different phone mounts they carry.

Each Tuesday we’ll have updates from Rob’s ride, including stories, impacts, and more on his Bike2Power products.  In the meantime, you can find out more at



Enjoy Your Ride
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