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Here at LovingTheBike Towers we are very proud of the knowledgeable and dedicated community that we have built up who contribute to posts, questions and discussions. As well as ‘The Boss’, we have a small but dedicated team of eager contributors and as the site has grown in popularity we have seen a beautiful ‘changing of the guard’ as to how this community is valued by the cycling media world. As our ‘value’ has increased, this wonderful site is now seen as a popular vehicle for other companies to reach you as a cycling lover and we are very proud to be able to tell you about Headwater Luxury Walking & Cycling Holidays.

We’re all going on a summer holiday

Having had 26 years of experience in the travel industry, Headwater Luxury Walking & Cycling Holidays (from now on known as Headwater!) is a UK based travel company that focuses on cycling, walking and also canoeing holidays. The list of destinations that Headwater cover range from; Europe, the Mediterranean, and East Asia to the Caribbean and North America meaning that they truly are a global company able to assist you in a memorable holiday to almost anywhere in the world.  I think taking one of Headwater’s cycling holidays in France sounds pretty good right about now.

The way that Headwater orientate their holiday packages, and specifically their cycling trips, mean that rather being a tourist aimlessly seeking out the next shiny thing to look at they want you to visit as a traveller and to feel part of the local community. I think if we are all honest with ourselves, feeling a part of our surroundings is something that is truly wonderful about cycling.

Headwater holidays are all about getting you to places you can’t go in a car and, as such, are much more environmentally friendly than traditional “fly and flop” fortnights on the beach! In fact, last year, Headwater walkers hiked a staggering 462,000 kilometres; our cyclists pedalled an amazing 520,000 kilometres; our canoeists paddled an impressive 9,000 kilometres, and our dedicated cross country skiers notched up a further 39,000 kilometres. That makes a record-breaking total of 1,030,000 carbon neutral kilometres in just 12 months!

Headwater cycling tours will provide you with a professionally serviced bike and all the required equipment you’ll need for the trip including detailed maps and route notes as you guide and also move your luggage to each new hotel as you travel along your route. They state that they, “believe [the] bikes to be the best on the market” however if you are a keen cyclist and enjoy spending your hard earned wonga on bicycles, I imagine you may find these bikes to be less than that but if you wanted a carbon monocoque bone-shaker frame, you probably would have stayed at home. These are holidays designed to get you to places and to see things that are off the beaten track and not necessarily in the average guide book, so the bike shouldn’t be the main focus of a holiday like this. The bike is your friend, your portal to a more interesting vacation.

10 Reasons to love Headwater

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