Headwater Cycling Tours

  • Interest-packed itineraries – Headwater holidays are meticulously designed so that you really get under the skin of the place that you’re visiting and discover more about the people, customs, history, culture and natural beauty than you ever could on an ordinary holiday.
  • Unbeatable value for money – In these uncertain times, value for money is key and Headwater aim to provide the best value at every stage of your booking, with lots of added extras and no unexpected hidden bills.
  • High quality hotels – All the accommodation venues are special, but in lots of different ways, often reflecting the tastes and personalities of the people who run them.
  • Maps, guides and route notes – Headwater provide comprehensive, fully up-to-date maps and route notes for every holiday. These are sent to you well advance so you can go through them at leisure, and their staff will also be on hand to answer any queries when you’re on holiday.
  • Great food and wine – As self-confessed foodies, Headwater appreciate how important this is for many regulars, so they guarantee you’ll eat well on your holiday!
  • Tailor-made travel – Most people want to fly from their local airport, often taking advantage of low cost carriers. If a route exists, Headwater will work with it, providing tailormade transfers to tie in as appropriate.
  • 24-hour support and backup – Although this service is, thankfully, rarely used, Headwater do provide a full 24-hour emergency telephone service should you need out of hours support.
  • Bespoke itineraries – If you want a shorter, or longer, trip than the Headwater itineraries suggest, then it’s not a problem to add or take out days, and re-price accordingly offering a great deal of flexibility.
  • Group discounts – Headwater holidays are an increasingly popular way of celebrating a “big” birthday or other such milestone! If your party is 10 people or more, and you’re travelling for a minimum of 7 nights, then they can apply a single £500 discount to your total booking! Again, great value!
  • Loyalty scheme – As a special “thank you” to their many loyal customers, Headwater will apply a 5% discount to anyone who has travelled 5 times or more within the last 8 years.

Community Support

Headwater also have a great blog and online discussion forum which I personally think is a real deal maker when looking at entrusting my hard earned cash with someone for a new holiday. Where better to get honest, experienced advice than from people that have used Headwater previously, often for holidays year after year. The openness of the community also tells me that Headwater are an honest, trustworthy company that don’t mind letting their previous customers explain the benefits to new potential clients as they don’t try to hide anything.

Although we have focused on the cycling holidays in this article, Headwater do provide services for walking and snow vacations as well as short breaks around he world. They truly are an experienced travel company who have your enjoyment and experiences at the top of their priority list. I suggest you all get over to Headwater Luxury Walking & Cycling Holidays and book your trip to Europe… you now have no excuses not to come and see me!!!!


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  • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

    I am so glad I passed on this post and review to you, Stevie.  You did a fantastic job at explaining what Headwater is all about and why they should be considered for cycling holidays.  What a Corker….and I mean that with all the power that word possesses.