Joel’s I Have a Dream Speach

Many people pray and hope for world peace and the end to human suffering, what would that world look like to you?  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was able to articulate what a world might look like without racial discrimination when he delivered his, “I have a dream” speech in Washington DC on August 28, 1963.

It’s difficult to find something if you don’t know what you are looking for, I believe.  So, if you’re like me, quietly praying, hoping for peace on earth and the end of human suffering, but don’t know what that might look like, I suggest writing your own, “I have a dream speech”, it’s a cool way to make some self-discoveries as you explore what’s most important to you in revealing what your dream world might look like.

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”, so let’s not forget that this is just some fantasy, but rather an invitation to make a difference and be the possibility you created.


I Have a Dream Speech

by Joel

I have a dream, where the human spirit prevails, where we find peace and love through acceptance, acceptance of who we are and who we are not.

I have a dream where the word community is about common unity and the context of our words and actions are always in consideration of others, where those actions include labor as a gift, after all, next to love, our labor is the most precious gift we have to offer.

I have a dream where we turn our seemingly endless capacity to hate and wage war into a mission to cure disease, put an end to starvation and erase poverty.  Imagine for a moment what this planet might be like if we worked harder to create peace than we do to build a false sense of security.

I have a dream where profits do not exist, where we’ve evolved as individuals into a community that believes in giving more than we take.

I have a dream of sustainability within the community, where every home and building collects solar energy, where renewable energy sources are the only option.

I have a dream where the echoes of kids playing sandlot baseball resonate through neighborhoods, where vacant lots become community gardens, where the bicycle is the preferred transportation choice, where we are no longer afraid of each other, where children can experience the freedom and joy of riding that bicycle to the movies, or park or ice cream shop with their friends, where the only crime is the day eventually has to end.

I have a dream this country is opened up and rebuilt by the very same means that we used to build it in the first place, trains…removing interstate highways and replacing them with high-speed commuter trains, available for everyone to use.

I have a dream of a world without boarders, where there are no Asians, or Europeans or Africans or Australians or Americans; we are just humans and we share the whole planet.  Aren’t geographical boarders between counties just invisible walls trying to designate a difference or distinction that only exists because we accept it to be true?

I dream of a world with no religion, where we understand that we are all children of God and there are no favorites.  We can’t be blind to the fact that religious differences have been at the root of war, hate and discrimination since the dawn of man, why do we hold onto something that has caused so much destruction and call it sacred?  We were created in god’s image, then we should believe in each other as we believe in God, what kind of world would this be if we had the same faith in our fellow-man as we do God?   It occurs to me part of God’s image is that of a creator, which also makes us creators; God created the universe, we created the world we live in, and I have a dream we learn to create heaven on earth.

I dream of a healthy happy community and this is what it looks like to me.

Happy Riding…


  • Julesmpg

    I agree with all of these thoughts. Great blog, I love your positivity!

    • Joel Phillips

      Thank you sis, you help bring the positive out in life.