My Family of Cycling Bloggers

At the moment, I am living in a place called Saskatchewan….and today is the provincial holiday called Family Day.  Now, I say “at the moment” because as I will unfold in my blogging future, our family is on the mission of relocating to a warmer climate and  we plan to be there very soon.  All will be revealed in due time, and the stories of the adventure along the way should hopefully make for entertaining reading.

Family Day

Anyway, because it is Family Day, I wanted to take the opportunity to write about my online cycling blog family.  As the new kid on the block, I have been actively searching to see who all is swimming the blogging seas with me.  In my search, I have come across some fantastic blogs…each of them with their own slightly different take on the topic we love.

To comment on all the cycling blogs out there would be impossible, so for the purpose of this article I am going to focus on those blogs considered to be in the same cycling category as this one, but still won’t get to them all.  Okay, so what category is that, exactly?  Good question.

Well, as the name implies, this is a blog about all of us who love the bike.  No matter what skill level you are, what type of bike you ride, where you’re from, or who you are.  It’s also a blog celebrating the success of our own personal cycling victories…where every cyclist is a champion.  It’s a blog giving real world reviews of the products we feel will help any cyclist come closer to their personal goals.  Finally, it is a blog about a bike lover and his family in search of a new life.

So it’s a pretty diverse market that I’m dealing with here, but then again, it may just be a nice little sub category.  You see, there are blogs that primarily deal with competitive cycling.  Some that focus on the commuter cyclist. Bike shop blogs.  Bike organization blogs.  And the list goes on.  Each of them incredibly passionate about the bike, but tending to focus their attention on their own particular niche.

Can You Really Classify Us?

If I had to classify a category (or community) for, I would say it’s “a cycling blog created by someone who is simply passionate about biking in general”.  So with that said, I would like to highlight my family of bloggers who I consider part of this community.

Okay, I have to apologize right now because I can guarantee that I’m going to miss some incredible bloggers in this community.  (Shout back and me and let me know that I missed you so I can check you out).  I’m also going to miss out commenting on some amazing bloggers who are part of other cycling communities.  Like I said, every cyclist is a champion and I commend you on blogging about your passion….sorry I didn’t get you into this post.

Let Me Introduce You To My Family

I was going to start off the list with the one I consider to be king of the cycling blog….none other than  Elden, aka “Fatty”, deserves all the recognition he has received, but I’m not going to include him in my direct community of bloggers.  He has done amazing things for the cyclists and for bloggers in general, and if you haven’t yet read his posts….get on over there. is a great blog written by Bryan, and he says he does it for the purpose of developing a healthy lifestyle through cycling.  In my opinion, it is a down to earth blog from a guy that has passion for cycling oozing from every word he writes.  He provides inspirational material with passion, honesty, and humor.  Like he says, “I’m not a personal trainer”, but I feel his material will motivate people to be better and to find the love for the bike.

Kathleen King is an artist with a major “crush” on cycling.  Her passion for cycling comes through with an artistic spin and she can be found at  She doesn’t have a lot of posts, but what’s there is interesting and visually appealing.  Check out her “bike scribbles”.

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