My Family of Cycling Bloggers

There is something about the look of that I really like.  The site itself has a nice clean look to it, and I want to credit Jeff for having a well put together site.  Jeff Bean is the author of this blog and he is, no doubt, loving the bike.  In his own words, he says that “to ride a bike is to be alive, to see the world in new ways, to feel exhilaration as well as challenges, and even disappointments.”  He also has a very cool and unique charity program called “Penny per mile” where he encourages riders to donate a penny for every mile they log on the bike.  Nice work.  Keep the insightful blogs and great charity flowing.

From Las Angeles, California comes a blogger known as GTinLA (  I believe that Gerhard is his name, and you can tell that he is a guy in love with his sport.  He’s not a competitive cyclist, but like any great rider, he loves a good challenge.  His blogs are generally about riding and the rides he has been on, but they unfold into deeper stories than that.  He has a way of drawing you into the story so that you feel like you’re actually there.  And since there is usually one fantastic ride involved, it’s a nice place to be.

Marijo Lamarche’s site is about “cycling and everything else” and you can find her at But as you can tell from her huge list of “why I love cycling”, the bike is definitely at the top of her passion directory.  The story I liked best is the one about her emotional roller coaster that lasted from December 2, 2009 to February 6, 2010.  It started with a mammography and, as expected, became a life-changing event…the description of her journey is worth a read.  Being from Quebec, Canada there are parts of her blog written in French.  Although I couldn’t read those sections, it is nice to see her stay true to herself with a bilingual blog. hails from one of my favorite cities in the world…Austin, Texas.  This guy has used cycling to change his life and the lives of others as well.  Tim considers himself someone interested in bicycle advocacy and it definitely shines through.  It looks like he’s only been blogging for a couple months, but he’s got a load of great posts already.  He talks about a variety of topics, all with the underlying theme of a love for the bike and the benefits that come from it.

Okay, so may not exactly be a cycling blog, but I had to include it because of what they stand for.  They are more of a videocast all about “making the ride a way of life”.  They have a lot going on at their site so I’m still in the process of investigating all that they have been up to, but I do know that they are on a mission of cycling the world and meeting interesting people along the way.  And they are videoing it so that we all can share in the experience.  Keep it going Emily and Garbiel, I’ll be with you on the journey.

One of the most amazing stories I’ve come across in the last year is the Vogel’s bicycle journey from Alaska to Argentina.  This family of four left Alaska in June of 2008 and expect to make it to the Southern tip of South America sometime around December, 2010.  I personally find them a huge inspiration, not only for what they are doing on the bike, but what they are doing for their family.  What an amazing experience and I often find myself living vicariously through their adventures.  For a very interesting read and incredible stories, check them out at

I could go on and on with other sites like,, and, but I’m going to wrap this Family Day post up.

What A Nice Place To Call Home

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