Off the Grid Update

Yesterday we posted an article about Rob Greenfield and his bicycle journey currently taking place across the United States.  The cool thing about this mission is that he’s doing it totally off the grid.

I’ve personally been so impressed by what Rob is doing and what he stands for that I wanted to follow up on his adventures by periodically posting from his journal as he makes his way across the US.

This one hit my emotions button for sure….and we’ll be posting more from his journey in the days ahead.

Bicycle Touring Off the Grid

Day 25

by Rob Greenfield

“So much inspiration churned inside my body that on the surface shivers erupted and my eyes were on the brink of exploding with tears all throughout the day.”

Shivers of inspiration ran through my body from head to toe all throughout the day as I pedaled up and down the green Colorado hills.  On multiple occasions tears formed in my eyes, more often as I was flying down hill or ja…mming out on flat land then when I was climbing the grueling hills.  Jack Johnson, Trevor Green, and Xavier Rudd – Official along with educational sustainability podcasts inspired me to keep on pedaling through the intense heat and in turn to keep inspiring others to live a happier healthier life.

The tears came as I thought of the amazing changes that are to come and the people out there doing good, bettering their lives, and inspiring others to do the same.  Not for the sake of religion, or government, or any organization, but solely for the sake of us as individuals, community, and the planet that we have made home.

Rob Greenfield

When I awoke this morning the sun had already graced the land with warmth.  I prepared myself a dish of eggs, beats, rice, and garlic over a fire as I took down camp.  I was on the road early this morning, around 9:20, and even with large hills to climb was making great progress.  The morning continued to heat up as the sun moved overhead and the rolling hills continued on as far as the eyes could see.  By 2:00 I had pedaled 50 miles and was exhausted.  I stopped in a cool building in the town of Craig, Colorado, as I could not bear the heat any longer.  By 4:00 I moved on still feeling lethargic from the heat.  Out of water and quite thirsty I saw a grouping of about 30 bee boxes that I couldn’t resist but investigate.  I sat amongst the bees as thousands buzzed around me going about their own business.  Occasionally they would fly into me, or land on me to clean their bodies but they had no qualms with me being in their presence.  I’ve wanted to do this for many years and to finally spend time amongst masses of bees was a dream come true.  Not to mention all the honey I ate while they buzzed around me.

After an hour I pedaled on in search of a river to quench my thirst.  I found one just five miles east and spent time sitting on the bank guzzling water as I purified it. I topped off my water bottle and was back on the bike.  Conversations with friends helped the miles fly by and I had another 45 miles to make it to my friend John Miller’s house in Steamboat Springs.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it but his home beckoned me to continue on.

As the sun set and the light faded in the sky I received a call from a friend that changed everything.  I had 25 miles left to pedal and the conversation led me into darkness.  Immersed in the conversation it was becoming night and a change in topic launched a dagger into my heart.  I was on the verge of a new type of tears, very different from the tears of inspiration earlier, now tears of sorrow.

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