Our Own Magazine

When I was growing up, I wasn’t a huge magazine addict but I do remember a few subscriptions that I had.  My interest started with Mad Magazine, and then moved on to WaterskiMuscleMag, and a couple other sports related type mags.  The last magazine I can remember buying would have been around 8 to 10 years ago, and it was Maxim.

Along the way, I often thought how cool it would be to work for one of these magazines or at least contribute an article here and there.  As I got older, I dreamt about working for a travel magazine….flying around the world checking out new locations and getting paid to write all about it. I still have that as one of my goals, but in today’s world it is so much more of a possibility.

You see, up until the blog explosion….the only way you could voice your opinion or provide writing material for the world to see was through books and magazines.  But in order for your words to become something others would see, you first had to convince the editor or publishing company that you had the goods they were looking for.  The same thing used to apply to photographers and videographers, and those of us who do photo or video blogs.  In the old days, you’d have to find someone willing to buy your footage, hire you on staff, or freelance.  Oh how the world has changed.

All of that has gone out the window.  These days, absolutely anyone can create their own “magazine” and not only contribute articles or photos to it, we get to become the editor, publisher, designer, and everything else.  We ARE the magazine.  Today’s bloggers don’t need to sit in on an interview and hope to win over the publication in order to get hired.  We also don’t have editors telling us what to write about.  Every single one of us get all the creative freedom we desire.

So here we are….smack in the middle of my own cycling magazine called Loving the Bike.  Am I providing the stuff that would make it worthy of a prime location on the magazine shelf?  What was it about Mad, Waterski, MuscleMag, and Maxxim that made me purchase issue after issue?  Mad contained silly humour and great artistry which was what my adolescent mind was after.  Waterski and MuscleMag was full of the latest news and information on the two sports I was so passionate about growing up.  And Maxxim…….ummm, let’s just say that they had really interesting articles.

When I started Loving the Bike, I set out to speak to all types of cyclists by providing posts that were a commonality to all of us.  I was after people who were in this for the love of the bike whether they were roadies, mtb’ers, commuters, adventurers, bmx’ers….whatever.  As far as I was concerned, all cyclists were champions and this blog was a celebration of that fact.  Because of my background, the other angle I wanted it to take was to be a place where cyclists could come to find out some great nutrition and fitness tips that would help make them even better at the sport they love.

Six months later, this “magazine” hasn’t strayed too far from that game plan.  What I have discovered is that when you love cycling, almost every single thing in your life revolves around the bike.  That is the crack that Loving the Bike has sunk itself into.  This “magazine” is about life, and how it so beautifully revolves around two wheels on a frame.  It is where I live, and I’m pretty sure you readers live there as well.

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