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So, yeah, this is a cycling blog.  It’s my magazine, and that which carries my voice to the world. We’re a young new mag and we’re still trying hard to find our place in the cycling universe. Hoping hard that we find that “X” factor which keeps people coming back.  That little something that provides us with a prime spot on the magazine shelf.

If you’re a fellow blogger, congratulations on being the creator of your own magazine.  If you are a subscriber…THANK YOU.  What is it that keeps you coming back?

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  • http://www.massivemtber.co.uk/ Clive Chapman

    Haha! A magazine! I’ve never thought of it like that. Nice one!



  • http://justlikeridingabike.wordpress.com Traci

    I agree with DareToBecome – I like that there’s good information for all cyclists, whether beginning or experienced, recreational or commuters. I’m very new to cycling and trying to fit it into my life wherever I can. I know I’ll probably never completely replace a car with a bike, but I can at least use the bike for many trips and get exercise as well as the good feeling of not contributing to more congestion and pollution. I tell myself this over and over on those times I come into contact with rude motorists :)

  • http://bikerly.wordpress.com/ bikerly

    I keep coming back thinking one day there will be free Molson. And the posts are okay.

    • http://lovingthebike.com Loving the Bike

      You mean, you never got any Molson? Dude, you’re not quick enough….gave out ten 12 packs just last week.


  • http://bikingtolive.com Bryan

    Darryl, I meant to leave a comment yesterday but work got in the way.

    Congrats on six months of your mag. You’ve put together a great blog and I can literally see your community growing each day as I follow what you do. Keep up the great work.

    • http://lovingthebike.com Loving the Bike

      Thanks Bryan, you and I are part of one fantastic cycling community. I love it.

  • VitaminLee

    Considering that my bike was just another thing in my garage up until a few months (feels more like weeks) ago – I have a lot of reasons to love this “Magazine” of yours. It’s 100% responsible for igniting this fire that burns in me daily, this desire to get on my bike and MOVE.

    I’ve met some wonderful people (near and afar) and formed some meaningful friendships and I’ve been inspired to be so much more. Also I found this new thing I love to do, developed a respect for the 2wheelers sharing the road and the fact that the dial on the scale is moving left is nothing to scoff at.

    I hardly make it over the double digits when I cycle in the mornings but I feel invincible when I ride. And some day I’ll be doing 50miles like it’s nobodys’ business (inspired by Darryl and Clive Chapman).

    My daily quote taken right here from your magazine is – “if you’re reading this and have thought that you need to grab a hold of your life, then don’t think any more, just do it” – Clive Chapman, Cyclist

    • VitaminLee

      Oh and BTW – I love Maxxim for the umm, top 100 hottest “articles”

    • http://lovingthebike.com Loving the Bike

      You you, Lee….it feels really good knowing that Loving the Bike has helped fuel your desire to ride and all the good things that have come out of it. Thanks for sharing your comments. Keep up the awesome riding and continue sharing your successes with us.

  • http://gregridestrails.com Greg @ Greg Rides Trails

    w00t w00t for cycling (esp mountain biking!) bloggers! I still thoroughly enjoy getting a print MTB mag or two… but one every two months isn’t enough! Daily (or near to it) cycling blogs help keep my longing for 2-wheeled reading fulfilled.

    Sweet post Darryl.

    • http://lovingthebike.com Loving the Bike

      Good to hear from you, Greg. Yeah, the combination of magazines and blogs is definitely enough to satisfy…..and more.

  • http://lovingthebike.com Loving the Bike

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yeah, we believe that All Cyclists Are Champions here at Loving the Bike….doesn’t matter what you ride or how fast you go. I’m glad it comes through.


  • http://www.daretobecome.com DareToBecome

    I keep coming back because you write for all levels of cyclists. It doesn’t matter if you cycle 25 or 10 mphs. You see the value in every individual’s effort.