Parker Becomes a Cyclist

Our Loving the Bike teammate, Myron is one proud Daddy this week.  His son, Parker just became a two-wheel rider and we’re so happy for him.

“After weeks of trying to figure out how to pedal his bike, Parker finally learned how to get his bike to move forward on his own.  The best part is listening to him sing and hum to himself (his favourite tune is ‘I’m getting bigger every day!’)  Now he wants to practice riding every morning and go for a ride with Dad around the block.” #summerofdoing

- Myron

  • Myron Glova

    Thanks for the comments everyone. He really enjoys riding. He’s also named his bike “Super Speed” because he can go really fast on a bike. :)

  • Bob Burpee

    Parker serves as a role model for us “adults” to not forget the joy of riding. Way to go Parker!

  • Angela

    Welcome to the two wheel club, Parker. Yay

  • AmandaGaleKotyk

    OH. MY. GOSH. That is so awesome, I almost cried!! Way to go Parker!!