Rob Greenfield’s Off the Grid Across America Tour: Day 56

Will has a vision of a world where everybody has access to good food and he has dedicated his life to making this happen. He and Growing Power transforms communities by providing healthy and affordable food to lower income communities. In doing so they teach people what real food is and what they need to put in their bodies to have a healthy body. I’ve been learning that some parents feed their children nothing but chips and sugary drinks for lunch and that many people know close to nothing about food. Growing Power is doing their part and more to change that. They grow food, grow minds, and grow the community.

They offer The Farm-to-City Market Basket Program which is a is a cross between a mobile grocery store and a community supported agriculture (CSA) program. It’s not all local food because they don’t grow things like bananas and oranges around here but it is all healthy. This is an excellent measure they are taking to provide good healthy food at a good price in a convenient way. If there is one thing I know it’s that Americans love convenience. So if we are going to get people eating healthy it can’t be complicated or too challenging.

They also offer all sorts of workshops, outreach projects, and youth education programs. After all education is often the key to creating a more conscious person.

This is a non-profit that has multiple streams of pulling in income in order to raise the funds they need to keep on creating a better world. I respect this greatly as many non-profits don’t understand how to generate revenue. They seem to be doing a very good job of this though.

I’ll quote Will here. “If people can grow safe, healthy, affordable food, if they have access to land and clean water, this is transformative on every level in a community. I believe we cannot have healthy communities without a healthy food system.” So they don’t just grow healthy food at growing power, they teach people in the community how to do it and give them the resources they need as well. If you’d like to learn more visit their website (, “like” their Facebook page, and read Will’s book, The Good Food Revolution.

Growing Power was a 10-mile ride from Mitch’s house through urban Milwaukee. I enjoyed the ride up there and since I was in a rush did the 10 miles in around 45 minutes. On the way back I took my time and relaxed at a park overlooking lake Michigan where I prepared a sandwich of greens and tomatoes from Growing Power, venison from Todd in Madison, and whole wheat bread from a dumpster. It was a beautiful day to be out and about and even though it was my day off I was happy to be doing some riding. I pedaled along the lake south and then rested at Bradford Beach for a few hours until evening and then stopped at Whole Foods and picked up some local organic milk and ice cream, which served as my dinner. That night we had a gathering at the house and about fifteen friends came over to see me. Many of them I had not seen in years and it was a fabulous evening of spending time amongst friends.

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  • Sarah

    I saw Will Allen speak last year at an event AND served him organic coffee! I’ve been following Rob’s journey also. Both Growing Power and Rob were in Wisconsin, where I live, this week. Very cool. (Growing Power is in Milwaukee- about an hour and a half south of me.)