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I might not be a total speed junkie in all areas of life, but when it comes to cycling I most definitely am.  So it may seem a little strange that I’ve titled this post, “Slow Down”.

You see, I feel happiest on my bike when I’m moving fast.  In life, I always seem to also be in a hurry to get things done.  On top of it all, I’m a self-proclaimed life hacker who often does whatever possible to get results the quickest.

But…..when it comes to things outside of my world, I feel like screaming out the words “Slow Down”.  Technology is the first thing to come to mind.  I might not have a lot of people agreeing with me on this one, but I feel technology is moving way too fast.  New editions full of updates and so-called improvements are continuously coming out on the market.  New inventions of things we may (or may not) need are flooding the market.  Everything is becoming faster, smaller, and more futuristic all the time.

How about content information creation?  Did you know that in our world today, in just two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003?  Yeah, we create more content in 48 hours than was created over thousands of years.  Sounds a little insane, doesn’t it?  I say, let’s slow it down a little.  I’d much rather have a little bit of good quality, accurate, and true content than the massive amounts of gossip, skewed information, and mindless crap that flies around.

I’m done.  Stop the madness.  Slow Down.

It’s been a while since I’ve ranted on this blog, and this time it doesn’t have to do with traffic, safety, or cycling laws.  Ride your bike as fast as you like….but I sure do hope everything else slows down, even if just a little.


Enjoy Your Ride
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2 Responses to “ Slow Down ”

  1. Daniel Christianson on February 19, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    Yea I get that. The society we’ve created seems to constantly try and convince us that we ‘Need’ to keep up. That our lives are somehow going to be incomplete and unfulfilling if we don’t stay on top of the newest and greatest. By learning to step back every once in a while, take a deep breath and a serious look at the big picture as it pertains to us in our individual circumstances we can begin to quell that feeling. What do I actually need for my life to be ‘happy’? What do I want?

    Figuring this out and being diligent about it is actually quite liberating. To realize that its ok to not have so much stuff, and that we no longer have to constantly figure out how to squeeze a couple more dollars out of each paycheck to buy more. Its a peaceful awakening of being content when your surrounded by a world hell bent for ‘more’. And it is getting more popular, just watch.

    Of course some of them new gadgets are pretty cool and I have several. But I have tried to be selective and really invest in those that are actually a tool that enhances my life or what I am trying to do in one way or another. But like you said, even with just a few of these I am constantly trying to keep up with the learning curve and the constant upgrades…ugh. About the time I figure out this smarter-than-me-phone it will be obsolete. Way it goes with some things.

    Im not sure we are every going to turn the amount if information back down. With all the different platforms now available, just about anyone is able to contribute to the seemingly endless amount of mind dribble out there. Ironically I sat in a used book store reading a passage about this very thing yesterday that was written back when the instant messaging and blogging was getting popular, and people were still using myspace; All that info, especially the bits that seem just a bit too personal that are out there, they really aren’t meant for you. See even though its available for anyone to read, share and discuss, its not really information that was intended for you if it doesn’t serve your needs. – When you want to know something important go back to a credible source, all the other stuff out there is just that, stuff. Leave it for who it was intended for.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike on February 19, 2014 at 8:11 pm

      Thanks for this, Daniel. Your last point was very powerful, and brilliant. Yes, these things just weren’t meant for someone like me…..but for some they might mean the world.
      You’re one of those people that I hope to meet in person one day as I feel a good connection with you. Great words, and great attitude.

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