TdF Stage Riders Raise Money for Charity

A group of riders recently took part in a fantastic dream ride all in the name of charity.  I must say that I’m quite jealous of these lucky cyclists.  Not only did they do a great thing for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research charity, but they also got to cycle a route that I would absolutely love to ride.

Here’s more on the story from Sarah Black.

TDF stage riders raise £34k for charity

by Sarah Black


A dedicated group of riders have raised over £34,000 for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research charity by completing a particularly gruelling part of the Tour de France route on the day before the actual event.  As part of a challenge set up to celebrate 100 years of Tour de France, our brave riders completed the Mount Ventoux stage to benefit a very worthy cause.

Completing even part of the famous route is a challenge for the professionals, let alone for amateur cyclists.  Having reached the summit, Endsleigh employee Richard Evans described his accomplishment as ‘The biggest challenge of my life’.  The finishing point in the French Alps stands just short of 7,000 feet, not a small feat by any means.

The cyclists started their day at 6.30am, travelling 150 miles throughout the day just to reach the foot of the mountain, stopping for regular food and rest breaks.  With more than twelve miles to climb on a steadily rising incline, it is one of the most gruelling, extreme parts of the route – if not the whole of the Tour de France!  Most of the team made it to the summit in 2.5 hours, feeling a glow of achievement as well as the burn of aching muscles within them.

The challenge that the group of 35 cyclists faced that day didn’t only come from the gruelling course.  They also had to face the heat that reached a whopping 37 degrees celsius; which may be great for relaxing on a holiday in the French Alps but not when trying to complete a part of the Tour de France route!  They also faced several mechanical failures along the way, broken spokes and tyre trouble among them.  It may sound tough, but the group managed to complete the challenge and raise over £34,799 for charity, a stunning achievement for such a great cause.

  • J.R. Riggs

    As a Leukemia Survivor and a cyclist I thank you for all the hard work and for raising a bunch of money!!

  • Nick

    Well done. I as well would like to ride one of the Tour de France stages.