Team #LovingtheBike does #30daysofbiking 2013

  • 2 points: Ride your bike on a given day.  You’re in the Saddle, you’re pedaling.
  • 1 point: Trip Reduction…..Meaning you went somewhere on the bike that you would normally do by car. i.e. Rode to work, the store, etc.
  • 1 point: Post Picture of your ride to the wall of (if you’re not on Facebook, e-mail them to and we’ll post them for you).
  • 1 point: Most “LIKE”s of picture per day.  Only one picture post per person, per day.

Maximum Points for the month: 150

We’ll give you more details on how this all works and what you need to report each day once you become part of the team.

Final Word:

It’s very important to make sure throughout the month that the “30 days of biking” message is the main focus.  Loving the Bike has chosen to implement the “30-days of biking” challenge to motivate, excite, and challenge its readers.  We encourage other groups, org’s, clubs, shops, manufactures to take the challenge themselves and see how they do.  The ONLY winners here are those who accept the #30daysofbiking challenge and give it their best.  Fun between groups is welcomed and even encouraged.  Our scoring system can be used by other “teams” as a standard to compare results.  All that matters is having fun, challenging yourself….and riding your bikes.

Let’s do this, Team #LovingtheBike.

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  • h4x354x0r

    Sweet! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to try to get a local (Columbia MO US) team together for this, but if that doesn’t work I’ll be joining Team #lovingthebike. Wait… can I be on 2 teams?

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      You sure can…..if you want to be on Team #LovingtheBike, just send us your details.

  • Shawn McAfee

    Signed up and looking forward to this! Super pumped to be part of team #LovingtheBike.

  • Mark Beaconsfield

    I’m in again. Love seeing the pics from everybodys rides. Lets go team #Lovingthebike

  • Dale Culp

    I just made the pledge to ride for Team #LovingtheBike for #30DaysofBiking. Can’t wait for April!

  • Riaan Coetzee

    Innit again!